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Make The Most Of Your Trade Show Exhibits With These 6 Services

June 15, 2017

Make The Most Of Your Trade Show Exhibits With These 6 Services

Exhibiting provides companies with great return on investment. For this reason, many businesses are choosing to exhibit at events both nationally and globally. Though there are many advantages to exhibiting, some companies lack the time, knowledge, or manpower to manage, install, dismantle, and store their trade show exhibits. These businesses can benefit from valuable services that are offered by dealers around the world. Below, we will list six different asset management services offered by exhibit dealers.

#1 - Storage Of Components And Accessories

Though exhibit components are usually designed to be light in weight and pack up as small as possible, there is still the question of whether a company realistically has room to store their booths. With storage service, exhibitors no longer have to worry about finding a place to store the booth where it is not in the way but can also be easily accessible when necessary. Thanks to professional storage, businesses can use that valuable office space for other needs.

#2 - Setup And Teardown Of Trade Show Exhibits

Referred to as "installation and dismantling," this is something that every exhibitor will appreciate. Employees can avoid headaches by showing up at an event to a booth that has already been installed and is ready to go. Also, once the event is over, employees get to leave without having to worry about the hassle of tearing down the display. Professional installation and dismantling allows your team to spend more time connecting with potential customers before the event and quickly follow up on leads afterwards.

#3 - Event Logistics And Management

With event logistics and management, a team of professionals is there to help ensure that your event goes off without a hitch, allowing you to focus your time and energy on the bigger picture instead of worrying about the details. They make sure that the booth is set up on time and also ensure that all of the necessary materials and components are in place.

#4 - Routine Quality Inspection Of Trade Show Exhibits

Routine inspection both before and after shows is a valuable part of asset management services. Let a trained professional examine the display to make sure that there are no deficiencies that could potentially cause a problem. The inspector will even help you make sure that the booth looks professional and represents the brand in the best possible way. With lots of experience in the industry, these inspectors may notice things that your team wouldn't.

#5 - Upkeep And Repairs Of Trade Show Exhibits

Another way to benefit from asset management is by the maintenance and repairs they provide for your trade show exhibits. Allowing them to take care of the booths properly will increase the life of booths and keep them looking professional. Not to mention, any damages can be repaired quickly and efficiently so that there are no delays to the exhibiting schedule.

#6 - Rental Options

Many companies can benefit from renting booths and displays. Businesses that have never exhibited before, wish to expand their booth, or change their look often can take advantage of renting. It allows them flexibility and the option to try different things at a lower cost.

Keep these six services in mind when deciding whether you could benefit from using asset management services.

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