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Maximize Client Engagement At Your Corporate Trade Show Display

October 09, 2017

Maximize Client Engagement At Your Corporate Trade Show Display

Setting up a trade show display brings with it ample opportunity for extending the reach of your business brand. You and your team will get the opportunity to meet and mingle with live members of your specific targeted demographic. It's the perfect way to talk about your organization in a face-to-face forum.

However, working the live event marketing circuit in your industry also brings with it significant responsibility, especially for your sales staff. In order to justify the expense of your trade show display, your team has to be ready to maximize every engagement. What is the ultimate live event marketing exchange? A sale. Yes, there are varying degrees of successful client connections that your team should know how to capitalize on. However, keeping a steady focus on a live event sale can help them stay motivated to best leverage each engagement for the best possible return on investment.

Follow These Important Tips To Work Towards A Sale In Your Trade Show Display

Use the following tips when prepping your team to maximize marketing momentum when manning your trade show display:

Announce Your Presence

Getting word out about attending a live marketing event can prove challenging for many business owners. Taking the time to strategize how you'll promote your appearance can yield impressive results. Create content (social media, blogs, web pages) to get your upcoming event on the radar of the right consumers well before the event occurs.

Stack The Odds

One of the best ways to get potential buyers into your corporate trade show display is to invite them! Use a copy of the attendee list from the hosting venue to systematically go through and pinpoint which attendees may convert into clients. Not only should you reach out to them before the event to personally invite them to your stand, but you should also do you research on them. Being well prepared for their visit can help your team leverage every potential opportunity.

Get "Pitch Perfect"

Your staff members will have roughly 30 seconds to pique the curiosity of any given visitor before he or she loses interest and moves on to another booth. Does your team have what it takes to captivate in 30 seconds or less? If not, it's time to practice until they have perfected their pitch for best results.

Have A Reserved Room

Of course, capturing the crowd's attention with a perfect pitch is only the first step towards ultimate success – your team needs to have a plan in place for prospective attendees who want to really dig into your core services and differentiators. Having a reserved room can grant an ideal opportunity for you to continue talks without the chaos and background noise found on the showroom floor.

Devise A Follow Up Strategy

Sometimes, even the best live event execution won't yield a sale immediately after the show; however, that doesn’t mean it won’t ever convert into a sale at some point. Any attendee who has left contact information should always be logged into your corporate database. Devise a thorough follow up strategy with your team to guarantee that no lead gets lost during your attempt to move your marketing momentum forward.

Skyline Displays of Houston can help your organization create a customized trade show display at Gulf Coast events that captivates any crowd. If you're ready to dominate the showroom floor, Skyline Houston's endless live event marketing resources can deliver an ideal promotional solution. 

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