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Portable Displays: Three Ways To Impress Guests With Lasting Results

September 15, 2017

Portable Displays: Three Ways To Impress Guests With Lasting Results

Modern portable displays have proven promotional value that holds its own (and often surpasses) even the largest trade show exhibits. Table top models, floor exhibits and even customized banner stands all offer an impressive range of benefits to marketers in every industry. Lightweight, versatile and easy to transport, portable displays offer business owners all the customization options and visual impact of a full-sized booth, all with optimal user convenience and accessible price points.

Create Portable Displays That Offer Sustainable Marketing Momentum

As with any promotional initiative, garnering crowd attention and leaving a lasting marketing imprint with your portable displays requires a careful strategy and flawless execution. Successfully working the live marketing event arena often boils down to one key factor: standing out from the competitors also exhibiting at any given function. Keeping three important elements in mind throughout the design process can help ensure that your portable displays stay elevated above the industry opposition and deliver sustainable marketing momentum.

When designing your portable displays, be sure to:

Incorporate the senses: Yes, any type of live marketing exhibit will resonate with the crowd's visual senses; however, savvy marketers understand that, in order to edge out the competition, their booth must also appeal to as many other senses as possible. When outlining the overall layout of your stand, think about clever (yet relevant) ways to deliver a comprehensive sensory experience. Playing music in your space, lighting scenting candles, conducting product demonstrations and even offering snacks are just some of the many ways that you can deliver a positive sensory experience for every visiting guest.

Make it memorable: What's the best way to guarantee your visitors remember you after the event has ended? Do something (or many things) that your competition isn't doing. Making your event memorable can start well before the function date with distinctive show invitations and mailers. During the function itself, brainstorm ways to command crowd interest. Guest speakers, a unique giveaway, or a raffle for a highly sought after tech item can instantly generate buzz and have prospective clients (and possibly even your competitors) talking about you long after the function has ended.

Personalize your pitch: What's another way to leave a lasting impression on all guests visiting your portable displays? Personalize your sales pitch. All too often, companies practice a one-size-fits-all selling approach at their stand; everyone who comes in, regardless of their consuming needs, hears exactly the same spiel. Not only should you work your visual message to personally resonate with as many consumers as possible, you should also ensure everyone in your booth is ready to customize their approach based on the each guest's needs and inquiries. Making a personal connection with every visitor will not only making a lasting impact, it can also help establish a foundation for long-term product loyalty.

Delivering a personalized, memorable sensory experience can truly help your portable displays stand out from the competition. Partner with a professional design team to ensure that you maximize creative results and optimize overall return on investment at your next function.

Skyline Houston creates innovative and informative portable displays Gulf Coast business owners can use to effectively compel and engage the wandering masses. No matter what your live marketing objectives, Skyline Houston can help you achieve sustainable marketing traction for long-term results.

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