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Prognosis Innovation Healthcare: Skyline Increased ROI by 6,600%

March 01, 2017

Skyline Displays of Houston Case Study: Prognosis Innovation Healthcare

Prognosis Innovation Healthcare (PIH) is a provider of enterprise healthcare software for community hospitals.


PIH had previously used standard pop-up displays and table top drapery to accentuate their presence at fairs and conferences. Feeling this was inadequate, PIH wanted a product that would boost their visibility at trade shows and make them stand out from other competitors. In addition, the client had committed additional dollars to attending regional trade shows and wanted a durable show piece for multiple conferences.


Upon meeting with PIH, Skyline recommended the use of a backlit 8’ x 10’ trade show display. Once ordered, Skyline delivered the display within one week. The Skyline team trained the PIH team on setup in under 30 minutes and provided helpful links to videos and ad hoc assistance over the phone. 


PIH first used the new trade show display at a conference in Kansas City. According to PIH, the quantity and quality of the booth traffic increased dramatically with the use of the display.

On the first day of the conference, the PIH team arrived at their booth to find a prospect CEO already present and interacting with the backlit display. Five weeks after the show, this same prospect signed a 7-year, $240k-a-year contract with PIH. The prospect signed the contract within five weeks, a turnaround time 50% quicker than the typical time required to close a deal. According to PIH, this one deal alone represented a 66x ROI (6,600%) on the funds paid for the booth

In addition, PIH is working an additional 4 leads gained from the show, further increasing the ROI gained from the initial expense of the trade show display. Based on the success of the new backlit display at the Kansas City show, PIH now uses the display at every show they attend.


“The product is extremely high quality. We have used it at least a dozen times since August and it still shows new.”


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