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Questions to Ask When Selecting Portable Displays

August 03, 2017

6 Questions To Ask When Your Company Selects Portable Displays

Exhibitors everywhere are benefiting from the use of trade show products to put their brand on display. These exhibitors can choose from a number of types of products, such as portable displays, modular inline booths, and custom island exhibits. After a company has selected which product fits their budget best, the next thing they have to do is design the exhibit. There are several decisions to be made during this process. In this review, we will share six questions every company should ask when they are creating portable displays.

#1 - Which trade show provider do we wish to partner with?

First, an exhibitor must determine which provider they want to partner with. Which company has the best reputation in the industry? Do they have affordable pricing? Do they offer valuable services such as asset management, storage, and shipping? Are their products durable? These are all great questions to ask when determining if a provider is right for you. Choose wisely, because the vendor can make or break your exhibiting experience.

#2 - Which design idea best fits our brand?

Another important question to ask is which design idea best fits your brand? What type of look to you envision for your portable displays? Should they be warm and inviting? Should they be modern and innovative? This has everything to do with the type of target market you are trying to reach.

#3 - What information do we want our portable displays to communicate?

Not only must you ask yourself what design idea you envision for your booths, but you must also think about what message you want them to communicate to the audience. Is there a new product that should be promoted? Would you prefer to provide general facts about your business and the services you offer? Do you want to push your website? The message is very much related to factors surrounding your business, including how established you are, what your short term goals are, and whether consumers recognize your brand or not. The great thing about portable displays is there is no limit to what message they can communicate to onlookers.

#4 - What kind of display system is the best fit for our company?

There are many different transportable systems you can choose from, such as back wall booths, banner stands, table top systems, and air powered systems. Considering the design you choose and the information you want to communicate, which specific type of display best fits your needs?

#5 - Do we want to use any accessories?

Choosing a type of display system is not all there is to it. You should also ask yourself if the use of accessories could be beneficial to your cause. There are a variety of accessories available, including tablets, TVs, sound systems, shelving, and more. Would any of these items enhance the capacity and effectiveness of your booth?

#6 - Which is more cost-effective: renting or buying?

A final question to ask is whether it is more cost-effective for your company to buy or rent trade show products. There is really no wrong answer between the two. It is more so a matter of determining which makes the most sense for your company. Generally, companies that benefit the most from renting are usually just starting out or perhaps do not exhibit often.

If your business is considering creating portable displays, keep these six questions in mind.

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