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Renting Trade Show Booth Space Is A Good Investment For Savvy Trend-Watchers

May 18, 2017

Renting Trade Show Booth Space Is A Good Investment For Savvy Trend-Watchers

Debating on renting trade show booth space at an upcoming industry event? No sales or marketing manager wants to throw money to the wind in pursuit of techniques that offer a low ROI, but all indications are that the exhibit industry is booming! Although most events experienced a falling off of both attendees and exhibitors during the recent recession, both sides are turning once again to expos as a way to showcase products and services, find out more about them, and see who the players are in the marketplace. If you watch the trends, you know it's a good time to be an exhibitor.

Exhibition Participation Up

Recent research by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) reports that most industry sectors are increasing their event participation through 2016. For example, they report that:

  • Industrial/Heavy Machinery/Manufacturing - after growing 6.9% in 2013, sustained growth is likely
  • Finance, Communications, and IT - expected to grow 3.5 in 2015 and 4.6 in 2016
  • Sports and Travel - projected growth of 3.8 in 2015 and 4.0 in 2016
  • Food - after major growth in 2013, growth rates dropped in 2014 but are expected to increase again in 2015-16
  • Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, and Business Services - expansion in all sectors is likely to 2016

The differing growth rates reflect industry trends. For example, participation in Medical and Healthcare events is tempered by concerns to cut costs and reorient the health field after the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Start The Conversation

Growth in the industry means opportunities for exhibitors, but simply having a trade show booth is not enough. The challenge is always to find ways to convert those who are casually walking by the booth into potential customers. Over 80% of attendees have buying power. By engaging attendees to a great enough extent to find out if they are good match for your company, you can come away from the event with hot prospects.

As CEIR has noted in another study, most industries require several calls to close a sale. With an average of 5.12 calls, the exhibit floor is a good place to get the process started. Given that most sales calls in the real world start with conversations that discern a potential customer's needs, the environment of a trade show booth can be a perfect place to start talking.

Make Your Trade Show Booth Responsive To User Needs

Smart exhibitors make sure that their trade show booth meets the needs of potential guests. Visitors want to come away from events with new ideas, new contacts, and new ways of doing things. This means that the design should incorporate graphics that clearly convey the company name, product, and benefit. Within the display, the guest can experience learning opportunities from interactive displays, demonstrations, literature, and an informative staff member. Since many visit industry event specifically to acquire new knowledge, they like displays that offer learning opportunities. If given the opportunity to sign up for an ongoing presentation, many exhibitors will set up a digital reminder that brings them back and offers another opportunity to engage them.

With potential customers close at hand, company representatives who man the exhibit should ask visitors relevant questions to zero in on their interest. Not everyone who drops by will be the perfect match, but by probing what visitors are looking for, what they use now to meet their needs, and when they plan to buy something new is useful information that can justify the expense of show participation.

Renting a Gulf Shore trade show booth from Skyline Displays of Houston can help you capitalize on industry trends. Whether you participate in industry shows or regional meetings, the company offers modular, portable, and custom booths and accessories that engage customers. To browse Skyline designs, visit https://www.skyline.com/houston.

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