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Skyline Has Pop-Up Exhibits For Rent

October 18, 2016

Skyline Has Pop-Up Exhibits For Rent

When most people think of rental display for trade show booths, they picture large structural pieces that would be cost-prohibitive for many exhibitors to purchase, and storing them would be unthinkable. Skyline rents every piece of display equipment in our catalog, including those huge loft structures, conference rooms, and giant towers. We also offer pop-up exhibits for rent, because we realize that not every exhibitor needs a large-scale display. Pop-ups are portable and considerably less expensive to purchase, so why would you want to rent one, instead of buying?
  • Limited Storage Space - Even a portable display like a pop-up backwall can take up more space than you want to spare in between shows. Depending upon which pieces you need, and how many, you could be looking at a set of containers similar in size to a full set of luggage, or multiple sets of luggage, if you use more than one pop-up-based display, so you can exhibit at more than show at a time. If office space is tight, you'll appreciate the convenience of having your pop-up picked up at the end of the show and stored at Skyline's warehouse, instead of your supply closet.
  • Forget Maintenance - When rental equipment is returned, we check it over carefully to see if it needs any repairs or maintenance before it's sent out to another customer for another show. Any time you rent a pop-up from Skyline, you know you'll get fully functional equipment in good condition. You look good using our well-maintained displays, and your team can spend their time focusing on the next show, instead of figuring out how to get the gaffer's tape residue off your gear or how to fish a new shock-cord through that narrow tube.
  • Pay For What You Need - When you rent from Skyline, our consultants will help you design the ideal display for your purposes, and our graphic designers and professional photographers can create the bold, crisp graphics that will be printed on premium fabric to cover your pop-ups. When you're ready to exhibit at another show, we'll deliver a like-new pop-up, decked out in your custom graphics, ready to show off your products and broadcast your message to a new set of prospects. Pay for the use of the frame when you need it, send it back when you don't need it, and still present a polished and unique image at every trade show. If your company only attends a couple of shows a year, this is an excellent value.

Pop-Up Exhibits For Rent, For Convenience, For Economy

Skyline's Mirage pop-ups feature fast and easy set-up, and premium features like available backlighting, marquee header for calling attention to your name and message, monitor mounts for multimedia displays, and bubble panels that are backlit and offer an economical way to showcase a frequently changing graphic. Houston exhibitors depend on Skyline for fully customized rental exhibits of all sizes.

Pop-Up Exhibits For Rent
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