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Skyline Houston's Modular System Enhances Cunningham Lindsey's Tradeshow Presence

June 06, 2017

Skyline Displays of Houston Case Study: Cunningham Lindsey

Cunningham Lindsey, a global loss adjusting, claims, management and risk solutions firm with a 100-year track record.


Cunningham Lindsey desired a new exhibit to enhance their presence at trade shows. The client was specifically searching for an updated look, improved hardware functionality, and increased brand exposure in a cost-effective, multi-use exhibit. Previously the client was using an older, conventionally-fabricated laminated plywood display that was heavy and difficult to setup. The client contacted BrandExtract, a brand experience company that designs compelling creative to fuel client growth.


To execute the vision for their client, BrandExtract partnered with Skyline Displays of Houston to meet their client’s goals. Skyline Displays of Houston used a combination of PictureCube™, SkyFlyer™, Envoy™, and Engage™ products, as well as custom fabrication to best capture the creative vision of Brand Extract. The PictureCube™ was perfect for attracting attention in larger convention spaces, and when used with the SkyFlyer™ hanging sign, created a strong brand presence from a distance. Envoy™ and Engage™ systems provided brand presence on the ground with wired integration for an intriguing visual display. These products were combined into a multi-use 20x30 island exhibit, which Cunningham Lindsey will use at trade show events 2-3 times per year.


Upon setup and installation, the client was very satisfied with the design and quality of the product. The modular system met the client goals of providing an updated look to increase brand exposure in a reusable, cost containing format. The client also felt the updated design told a more complete brand story than their previous display.

The client reported receiving favorable feedback from guests visiting the booth. Cunningham Lindsey also praised Skyline for the efficient and detailed follow-through toward completion of the project.

“We definitely did get more leads and foot traffic, partly due to the booth redesign, as well as to some other promotional efforts coordinated to increase awareness of our presence at the show. Having attended both shows where we debuted our new look, I can personally attest to the fact that most visitors/clients commented on how they didn’t realize we did so many things with so many divisions. I think this is a testament as to how well the messaging was designed and displayed within the booth space, in order to increase awareness of the breadth of our services and caliber of expertise.”
Heather Suttle, Marketing Manager, EFI/Cunningham Lindsey

The final product also served to further solidify the working relationship between BrandExtract and Skyline Displays of Houston. 

"Skyline is our go to partner when seeking to develop and fabricate large and complex booths for our clients.They are responsive, collaborative and resourceful, allowing BrandExtract's designers to push what's possible." 
Jonathan Fisher, Chairman, BrandExtract


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