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Social Media & Banner Stands: Houston Trade Show Marketing Win

May 18, 2016

Combining Social Media Marketing & Banner Stands To Boost Trade Show Marketing Success

Social media marketing and trade show marketing are no longer entirely distinct fields. Both are continually evolving, and they are intertwining in ways we may not have foreseen, even as recently as five years ago. What's important to know today is that if you're involved with trade show marketing, social media marketing should play a significant role in your marketing plan. Large companies have teams dedicated to social media marketing, and major corporations are pouring a great deal of money into research and development of new ways to make a profit from social media. In fact, there's a pilot program already in place with Twitter, Amazon, and American Express to allow users to make online purchase using a hashtag. The point is that while social media and social media marketing are complex issues, even a very small business can benefit from using some of its features.

Social Media Marketing Basics

If you're still wondering why you should be involved in social media marketing as part of your trade show marketing plan, read on. First of all, social media and trade show marketing feed each other, so you get a snowball effect from your marketing efforts. Second, once you've made a start and established a presence, you'll gain exposure passively; that's not to say you can retire from social media marketing, but you'll benefit from actions you didn't initiate, ongoingly.
  • Hashtags - All social media now use hashtags in some way, though they vary slightly as to how they use them, and which tags are preferred on a given medium. Search engines also recognize Hashtags, now; they're basically a way to index online content by topic. When you post, be sure to include not only your own applicable hashtags, but also those of the trade show you're posting about. The show's tag will get much broader exposure and take your content along for the ride.
  • Instagram - Instagram is an especially valuable social medium for businesses. It's no longer the sole domain of college kids, and because of the way most users post in Instagram, it has a much longer reach than other social media. Instagram is visually driven, so you need great photos, graphics, or memes for your posts. It doesn't limit posts to a cryptic 140 characters like Twitter (you can write a post in English!), hashtags don't take up message space, and it doesn't throttle content the way Facebook does; if a user posts something, his connections will see that post. In addition to all of that Instagram has a really reliable interface that most users take advantage of to cross-post their Instagram posts to their other connected social media accounts, so if they post about your company, chances are that the post will also appear on Facebook, Twitter, and other media.
  • Give Them Something They Can't Resist Posting - Here's where you can start putting this to work at trade shows! You don't need a huge spectacle in order to be post-worthy. Social media tends to favor quirky things, as one exhibitor in Utah apparently already knew. He placed a single banner stand with a giant photo of a crocodile next to his booth. It was just a croc and a hashtags on the banner. So many people wanted to take a photo with the crocodile banner than they were blocking the aisle for most of the day. If you strike the right chord, a funny, philosophical, or snarky saying on a banner with simple graphics can have the same effect. You can also consider placing a series of banners throughout the venue for a photo scavenger hunt. You may think that sounds too silly, but you might be surprised at how readily people will participate and post about it. Get creative with banner stands, Houston!

Create An Upward Marketing Spiral

Combining social media and trade show marketing will increase your brand and product exposure exponentially. Take every advantage available to you through this relatively inexpensive addition to your trade show marketing plan. For help designing some post-worth banner stands, Houston exhibitors can contact a Skyline Displays representative live online, or by phone at 713-939-1775. We can help your company with graphic design; sales and rentals of display, marketing strategy, and everything else you need for brilliant trade show marketing

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