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Stylish Trade Show Booth For A Company Exhibit

August 17, 2016

Work With Skyline To Design A Stylish Trade Show Booth For Your Company's Exhibit

Sometimes, you know you've got big shows coming up and you need an a stylish trade show booth to stand out from the competition, but you're not sure what that booth looks like. The experienced designers at Skyline will create something amazing to help you put your best foot forward, but there are some things you can do to help the design process along, even if you're counting on our designers for the final concept. The best exhibit design for your business is one that reflects your brand image and your prospective buyers' tastes. After all, you're creating an experience for them, right? Start the design process in-house by gathering some information and making some decisions as to functionality, and you'll have a head start on getting the exhibit that will give you every advantage in your trade show marketing program.

What Are The Specifics Of Your Visual Branding?

Does your company already have a branding package? If so, you're ready to move along to the next step! If you're asking yourself what a branding package is, read on! A branding package is the blueprint on which your visual branding is built. It specifies everything from your logo and how it should be used to the color palette approved for use in designing everything from brochures to banners, advertisements, and swag. It also specs out typefaces that suit your image and it may also include guidelines for sizes. As your marketing plans mature, the branding package may also include physical and digital copies of collateral you've used in the past.

Who Are Your Likely Buyers At The Shows On Your Schedule?

Chances are that if you're in business, you've got a pretty good idea of who your likely buyers are, overall, but have you researched the shows where you're planning to exhibit to learn who your most likely prospects are within that sub-set? They're not always the same group, and you should start designing your trade show display with as much hard data on this as possible.

What Is The Tone And Feel You Want For Your Exhibit?

There should be two major determining factors in the answer to this question: What do you feel best reflects your brand, and what will create the strongest attraction for your prospects? If you're not able to come up with a workable balance between the two, it's helpful if you can at least come to the designer with separate lists of each.

What Do You Need Your Booth To Support?

This goes back to your marketing objectives. If you're planning to sell merchandise in the exhibit, you should begin by talking to your sales team to learn what kind of storage space, display space, and demo space they're going to need. It's easier and less expensive to plan from the beginning than it is to try to add or change plans already in progress. Are you planning a multimedia display? Do you need seating or workstations, or room for tablet stands? Will you be hosting celebrities in your booth or offering scheduled group presentations or events? Those require space planning.

You Do Some Legwork; We'll Do The Heavy Lifting…Literally!

The design team at Skyline Houston would love to help your company design a stylish trade show booth that's perfect for your image and functional needs. Start by gathering as much background information as you can, and we'll help you fill in any blanks. We'll work with you at every step to make sure your exhibit is everything you need and want to achieve all your marketing goals. When you're ready to exhibit, we can handle all the logistics for you, so you can stay focused on making your trade show presence a huge success.

Stylish trade show booths for a company
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