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Tabletop Portable Displays: A Big Impact In A Small Space

January 20, 2017

Tabletop Portable Displays Make A Big Impression In A Small Space

For those trade shows and other events where space is at a premium, or your team needs to travel ultra-light, tabletop portable displays make good sense. They provide a low-cost, lightweight display that grabs visitors' attention without eating up space. Skyline offers several lines of portable display, including Windscape, which features a tabletop that packs down into a backpack that fits under an airplane seat, and Regatta, which has an eye-catching, curved frame and a sleek, contemporary look.
  • Simple Set-Up - Setting up a Regatta tabletop couldn't be easier. Literally. The frame is shock-corded, so you don't even have to take the time to figure out which piece goes where. Snap the frame together, then slip the fabric graphics over the frame, just like putting on a pillowcase, only there's no pillow to wrestle. The entire assembly takes less than five minutes and requires no tools of any kind. Windscape's tabletop portable display is just as easy. Pull it out of the pack, connect the inflator, turn the inflator on, and watch it go.
  • Double-Sided Graphics - Both Windscape and Regatta offer double-sided graphics, so visitors can see your message from either direction, or you can include two different images and messages. Whatever your two-sided strategy, your graphic will look amazing on high-quality fabric, rendered crisp and bright in premium print quality.
  • Shine Your Light - Add optional lighting to your Regatta tabletop, and you'll attract notice from an even greater distance. The halogen or energy-saving CMH light units clip to the top of the frame, and can be aimed toward either side of the frame, so you can spotlight both of your graphic panels. The lights set up as quickly as the frame, so you'll still have time to go meet some colleagues or have coffee with a hot prospect after it's all set up.
  • Versatility - Tabletop portable displays are effective stand-alones, and when they're not in use at a show, you can set them up in your lobby or conference room so they can keep broadcasting your branding and message instead of gathering dust in a storage closet. It's also easy to incorporate tabletop portable displays into a larger display when you attend a show where you're planning a larger presence.

Portable Displays And Everything Else Exhibitors Need To Succeed

Skyline Displays of Houston offers Gulf Coast exhibitors full service sales and customized rentals of Skyline's full catalog, from portable displays to two-story islands. Our design consultants can help you select the perfect exhibit for your space, budget, and marketing goals, and our graphic design team will help you create the perfect graphics to leave visitors with a memorable impression of your brand and products. As part of Skyline's global network, you'll get the same top-shelf support anywhere in the world you need to exhibit.

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