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Top Tips for Effective Trade Show Appearances

July 14, 2017

For many businesses and industries, appearances at trade shows, conventions, and fairs is an essential way to generate new business and maintain a strong brand presence.

As a top purveyor of custom and semi-custom trade show booths, portable and modular displays, and large-scale branding materials, Skyline Displays of Houston is an expert in what it takes to make your trade show appearance successful.

Follow our tips below to ensure you get the most out of your trade show investments.

1. Go in with a Clear Plan
What do you want to accomplish from your presence at the event? Is your goal to increase your brand exposure, introduce a new product, build up your customer database, or generate qualified leads? Deciding what you hope to gain from your appearance first will help to drive the display materials and on-the-ground strategy used.

2. Measure Your Success
Once you determine your goals for the show, ensure systems are in place to quantify their success or failure. You could have a goal to distribute a certain number of flyers, generate a certain number of qualified leads, or add a target amount of new contacts to your database. Based on your goals, determine the break-even threshold that makes your appearance at the show worthwhile.

3. Publicize Beforehand
Many businesses assume a “build it and they will come” philosophy when it comes to show attendance, but the most successful show attendees understand that pre-publicity is the way to go. Ensure you let current and potential customers know the location of the booth, operating hours, and any other special events occurring. Giveaways and special offers are usually a good draw to entice current customers as well as catch the eye of potential ones.

4. Choose the Right On-the-Ground Staff
The people who staff the booth are the most important brand ambassadors for your business at that moment. Choose employees who are outgoing, knowledgeable, and comfortable dealing with the pressure of a tradeshow atmosphere. This doesn’t necessarily equate to seniority within your business!

Contact Skyline Displays of Houston for Your Custom Display Needs
As part of the global Skyline network, Skyline Displays of Houston has everything your company needs to make your trade show experience a success. Contact us today at +1 (713) 939-1775 to learn how we can make your company stand out.

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