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Tower Trade Show Exhibit In Gulf Coast: Boost Your Exposure

February 16, 2016

How A Tower Trade Show Exhibit In Gulf Coast Can Boost Your Exposure

Using a Skyline Houston tower trade show exhibit, Gulf coast customers get better exposure in less space, with far less set-up time and expense than a large island display. Obviously, booth display is a vital component in your company’s successful trade show marketing plan. If you’re planning to take your marketing efforts to a new level, a tower display is a wise investment for many reasons.
What Can A Tower Display Do For Me?
  • Visual Branding – In medieval times, visual branding was referred to as heraldry, and its main purpose was to make individuals or groups visually identifiable on the battlefield and elsewhere. Modern trade shows are not exactly battlefields, but you must admit that there is a fierce air of competition. Making your booth identifiable fro a distance of 20 feet or more gives you a serious edge over the competition. Whether you’re purchasing your own tower or you want to rent, Skyline Houston will send you into battle with custom visual branding.
  • Make Your Space A Landmark – Anyone who spends time at trade shows knows the value of being a landmark. If your booth is easily spotted from across the hall, people will use it as a landmark: They’ll mention it repeatedly and they’ll agree to meet up there. That puts prospects around your booth with a few minutes to spare, so you can talk to them, demonstrate your product, or get them involved in your multimedia marketing. They’ll spend more time exposed to your marketing message and they’ll attract more people to your space. At Skyline Houston, we offer our customers support and training in everything from graphic design to marketing strategies, so they can maximize their time and investment at trade shows.
  • Maximum Impact, Minimal Space – A trade show exhibit in Gulf Coast is eight feet tall. By adding a tower display that stands 12 of 16 feet tall, you literally place your marketing message head and shoulders above the rest. Since the tower has multiple surfaces, you can aim a single message in multiple directions, or display a variety of images without tying up valuable floor space. Towers can be configured with shelves to display products or literature, and lit for even greater visual impact.
  • Mulitmedia Display – If your marketing material includes digital content like audio, video, or interactive displays, a tower can place your monitors higher, so more people see them, and you can surround the tower with interactive stations, so more prospects can be exposed to your content at once. Getting prospects to slow down and interact gives you greater opportunity to talk to them personally before they move along.
  • Setup Made Simple – If you’re looking for a trade show display that makes a big splash but doesn’t require a team of professionals to set up, a tower is a smart choice. Skyline offers several configurations or tower, depending on your display needs. The simplest possible setup is Skyline’s Windscape System of inflatable components. A 16-foot Windscape tower packs down into a suitcase-sized package, and can be set up by a single person, using the included inflator. Easy transport, easy storage, easy set-up.
Trade Show Exhibits For Gulf Coast Customers And Beyond
Skyline Houston offers expert local support, and as part of a network of 150 offices worldwide, we also offer seamless support for trade shows wherever our customers need us. For everything from marketing strategy and training to graphic design and trade show exhibits, Gulf coast customers rely on Skyline Houston to boost their branding, attracts more prospects, and make the most of their display investment. Learn more online or call us today at 713-939-1775 to find out how Skyline Displays of Houston can help your company make the most of every trade show.

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