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Try Inflatables For A Quick And Easy Display Booth

November 18, 2016

Try Inflatables For A Quick And Easy Display Booth

If you've been looking for a way to create a quick and easy display booth that doesn't look quick and easy, Skyline's Windscape portable display line is an outstanding solution. You get the options you need to create an inline booth or a huge island with an impressive selection of pieces. A 16-foot Windscape tower packs into a container the size of a standard suitcase, and the standard 10-foot backwall fits into a carry-on: Pop them in you trunk and you're on your way! How quick and easy are they to install?

How To Install Windscape Display Pieces

  1. Buy a cup of coffee.
  2. Set the coffee down while you pull your Windscape display out of the container.
  3. Push the inflation button.
  4. Enjoy your coffee.
  5. By the time the coffee is gone, your display is ready to be scooted into its final position and secured.

I Don't Want My Exhibit Looking Like A Flailing Arm Tube Man

We agree. No flailing arm tube men, here, and no ongoing fan noise, either. What we do offer are premium backlit pieces, printed on top quality fabric with bold, consistent color, sharp images, and clean text. If you need a projection wall, we'll deliver one with your custom graphics on the face. There's even a conference room for larger booth spaces. The complete line includes 46 standard shapes ranging which can be combined any way you need to create the perfect, polished presentation for your brand and marketing objectives.

What's Better Than Quick And Easy? How About Saving Money!

By using a portable display system with tool-less installation, you're already on your way to significant savings because you're not going to have to pay big freight and drayage fees, and in most cases, you won't be paying for install and dismantle (I&D), either. Some venues may require you to have lighting, power, or cabling by a professional, but using a system designed for do-it-yourself simplicity will keep those costs to a minimum. If you use Skyline's customized rental program, you will also save the expense of purchasing the pieces you need, and gain the flexibility to change your display as needed. When you need your exhibit, call us and we'll get the pieces you need ready with your custom graphics. When you're done with the exhibit, return it to us and you're off the hook for storage and maintenance. The only part you're buying is the graphics, which you can use again and again, until you decide it's time for an updated look.

Let Skyline Help You Design Your Quick And Easy Display Booth

Houston area exhibitors have relied on Skyline's expert advice and premium displays for decades. We'll help you design a portable Windscape exhibit with full support, every step of the way from floor plan to graphics, and marketing consulting and training if you want more help in planning an impressive and effective trade show booth.

Quick And Easy Display Booth
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