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3 Things International Exhibitors Should Look for In a U.S. Exhibit Partner

February 19, 2020

When it comes to exhibiting overseas, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. With different rules and regulations in each country, there’s lots to stay on top of, and it’s important to work with a reputable company to ensure that you are meeting every requirement. 

Skyline Las Vegas is here to make these challenges all worth it by helping you find tremendous success as an international exhibitor in the United States. Skyline’s motto is ‘Helping the World Trade™’ - so what better partner to put your trust into as an exhibitor who’s ready to find success in trading across the globe? 

Here are three reasons why companies exhibiting in the U.S will appreciate Skyline’s ability to stand alongside them: 

1. Peace of mind 

One main reason why Skyline Las Vegas should be the first choice for international exhibitors when seeking a trade show exhibit company is the peace of mind that Skyline can provide. Skyline’s global network was created so that no matter where you’re exhibiting in the U.S., Skyline can support you at your show location if need be. This means that if anything goes wrong, there is a Skyline hub nearby with experts in reach. 

Having local knowledge, teams, and products at your fingertips is a huge advantage in the trade show world, as you likely know it’s hard to ensure that every tiny detail works out perfectly. So, when you need to figure out some of those last-minute fixes, you won’t be paying for someone to fly out to help or be stuck without a part for your display. A Skyline team member will be able to get onsite quickly and dissolve the challenge at hand. 

When you work with Skyline Las Vegas, rest assured that your event in the U.S. will go smoothly. 

2. Skyline can help exhibitors understand costs 

Exhibiting in the U.S. comes at a much greater price than it does in other countries. However, access to the American market will be worth every penny. With the largest economy in the world, it’s important to come out strong when your booth will be sitting among many others who’ve been exhibiting in this market for a long time. Skyline Las Vegas can help with this learning curve. 

There are many different entities involved in the process of what makes a trade show happen in the U.S. that international exhibitors may not be familiar with, such as the show association, the show decorator, electrical and rigging services, transportation, audio-video, and install and dismantle. These services add many additional costs to exhibiting in the U.S., and Skyline Las Vegas can help you find the right services to be as cost-effective as possible. Ordering some of these services in advance can help to avoid high surcharges, so having a team on your side who is knowledgeable of this will help keep costs down for your company. 

Skyline Las Vegas is also able to help international exhibitors prepare for unfamiliar charges such as drayage fees which aren’t a factor in many other countries. 

3. Skyline will take out the marketing guesswork

Understanding the American market is required to be successful at U.S. trade shows. A solid plan of action that is able to appeal to your target audience is a must. Coming unprepared may result in missed opportunities. 

Trusting an exhibit company who knows the ins and outs of marketing at U.S. trade shows will help take the guesswork out of your marketing plan - ensuring that every box is checked, and nothing is missed.

Some of the differences that a U.S. exhibit company can walk you through are the differences in privacy concerns and rules pertaining to pre-show promotions. These rules are a lot less strict in the U.S., so understanding the importance of pre-show marketing is something that Skyline can help with. Another difference that’s not as common in other countries is the ability to scan badges at trade shows to obtain prospect information. Coming to the show without knowing this could hurt your chances of increasing your ROI to your full ability. Another difference to note is the fact that there is no Value Added Tax in the U.S. These are all factors that Skyline Las Vegas can help you stay on top of because they are game changers when it comes to your success. 

Our experts will also walk you through typical booth design expectations in the U.S. Many design aspects that are acceptable in other parts of the world may not meet the rules and regulations for U.S. trade show attendees.

It’s also important to know that renting a booth directly from the show will be a large downfall to international exhibitors because it will only leave their exhibit looking a lot like the rest. American buyers expect companies exhibiting at trade shows to stand out and catch their attention. Skyline will help your display meet these expectations, ensuring that your booth will not blend in. This requires trusting in your Skyline design team to create a modular exhibit that speaks to your brand, even if it comes with a higher price tag. The added investment will be worth it in the end!

Since the price of a booth in the U.S. comes as such a shock to many international exhibitors, they often try to buy an exhibit at the cheapest price possible. Doing so will only draw minimal attention, and won’t be worth the many hours of effort, time and money. To really see a great ROI, we advise you to create an eye-catching first impression. This will be the deciding factor in your success, as you only have about three seconds to impact an attendee. 

With there being such a big learning curve for international exhibitors in the U.S., it’s a must to have a U.S. exhibit partner on your side. Skyline Las Vegas will not only provide great products for your booth, they also offer event program management, rental exhibits, install and dismantle, and an asset management program. As North America's leading exhibit system builder, Skyline is known for its high quality, great design, cost-saving portability, and innovative functionality. 

Having peace of mind that your trade show investment will generate a positive ROI is just one of the reasons to start working with Skyline Las Vegas for your upcoming U.S. trade show. Get in touch with us today, and one of our experts will be ready to help you find success here in the U.S.

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