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Don’t Roll the Dice at These Las Vegas Quarter 3 Trade Shows and Come Prepared with Skyline Las Vegas

March 06, 2020

There is truly no lack of a trade show presence in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a never-ending list of trade shows going on year-round in the area, it draws thousands of businesses to exhibit from across the country. If your company has found an amazing Las Vegas trade show that brings your business great success each year but have found exhibiting across the country to be stressful, Skyline Las Vegas is here to help! 

Skyline Las Vegas gives exhibiting companies peace of mind that their show will go smoothly because there are local experts in reach. This means that if there are any last-minute details needing attention on your exhibit or there’s a missing part, local experts are minutes away with the solutions you may need. Local asset management is also time and money saving as you’ll be able to keep your exhibit stored close to your show and skip the cross-country shipping costs. Climate-controlled storage, full set-up prep of your exhibit with photos before events, quality assurance inspections, and show book assistance will ensure that your display will always look its best.

Have you ever thought about exhibiting in Las Vegas but thought that it was too far out of reach? Check out these quarter three shows that may fit your desired audience attendance and let us know if we can help make your cross-country exhibiting experience smooth sailing!


2020 NCSA National Conference | July 8-11 | Las Vegas, NV

Is your business an industry leader in the strength and conditioning industry? Are you ready to make one-on-one connections with these fitness professionals and share new ways for them to impact their clients? Attendees are seeking the National Strength and Conditioning Association show to purchase your products that can benefit the field of strength and conditioning. You just have to show up and prove your products’ worth. Reach around 2,000 attendees who are educators, researchers, coaches, athletic trainers and beyond who are ready to be impressed with a trade show display that speaks to them and pulls them in wanting to hear all about your product and research! 


Casino Marketing & Technology Conference | July 14-16 | Las Vegas, NV

If you’ve heard of this conference, now in its 17th year, but always thought it was too far out of reach to exhibit at, now is your time when you partner with Skyline Las Vegas! The Casino Marketing & Technology Conference brings attendees who are seeking all things ‘marketing’ for the gaming industry. With hopes to leave this trade show with solutions to enhance their casino marketing strategies, attendees will expect to be wowed by exhibit presentations. Get these decision makers excited to work with you in the future by giving them a great experience in your booth! 


AGD2020 - Academy of General Dentistry | July 15-18 | Las Vegas, NV

Exhibiting at AGD2020 gives you access to key demographics such as new dentists at the forefront of building brand loyalties, mid-career dentists seeking the newest technology out there and experienced dentists with great influence on the future of dentistry. These AGD dentists are interested in finding new products and services that will set them apart as providers of exceptional care. Set your business apart with a booth that shows each passing attendee that your products are worth stepping inside to learn more. 


ASD Market Week | August 2-5 | Las Vegas, NV

ASD believes in the success of its exhibitors. The show works hard to bring buyers the most comprehensive wholesale market with a wide variety of merchandise. Do you sell wholesale convenience store products, gift shop items, grocery store or fashion boutique products that can be sold at extremely high sales margins? If so, that’s exactly what the directors of this show are seeking for their attendees. You’ll have access to over 45,000 buyers who are seeking the newest and trendiest products that can be sold in their stores. Even better yet; about 96% of these attendees have buying power. Don’t hesitate to get to this show and reach an extensive audience that is ready to find you. Set your business apart at the show with a branded exhibit that tells your story and makes your audience want to know more. 


PGA Fashion and Demo Experience | August 18-19 | Las Vegas, NV

This popular event taking place during Las Vegas Fashion Week brings PGA professionals and golf industry professionals together to find the latest in golf apparel, equipment, technology and more. You’ll be able to provide attendees with hands-on demonstrations and network with quality buyers. These golf resort equipment and leisure apparel buyers will get a taste of your products and how you can help them drive their bottom line. Don’t miss out on the chance to let qualified buyers test your latest equipment and training aids, teach new methods and network among industry executives. Reach out to Skyline Las Vegas if you’re in need of an exhibit display that catches attention.


SuperZoo | September 1-3 | Las Vegas, NV

Attendees walking the trade show floor at SuperZoo are in need of products that put them ahead of the competition. If you’re in the pet industry and have new accessories or nutrition products that spell out anything but average, you’ll definitely be on your way toward success at this event. Impressing attendees will open up opportunities for new partnerships and lead to growing your business! Exhibitors will have a powerful platform to expose their business to over 10,000 attendees with 48% of them having annual purchasing budgets greater than $100,000. Not to mention that nearly 25% of buyers have budgets over $1 million! 


Emergency Nursing 2020 | September 8-11 | Las Vegas, NV

Emergency nurses attend this conference to help define the future of the industry. These nurses have great input and influence on the type of equipment and training used in their ER department. Share your leadership and innovation in the industry to find new buyers and partners for your business. You’ll need a great booth presence that makes you stand out on the exhibit floor, so be sure to come prepared!


EMS World Expo | September 14-18 | Las Vegas, NV

This expo is the most internationally attended EMS conference across the globe. Sharing your cutting-edge innovation for the field draws EMS thought leaders and decision-makers in ambulance purchasing, simulation and demonstration, safety, trauma and MCIs. These buyers depend on your research, procedures, products and services to help them save lives every single day. Come prepared to show these EMS attendees that you’re an industry leader and have high-quality solutions to their needs. 


Glassbuild America | September 15-17 | Las Vegas, NV

This glass, window and door expo draws in over 8,000 attendees seeking to solve their most pressing industry challenges. There is no better place in America to reach professionals who are seeking new products, equipment and services that you are offering. Grow brand awareness and excel in the glass, window and door industry at Glassbuild America with an amazing exhibit that portrays your excellence in your field! 


IMEX America | September 15-17 | Las Vegas, NV

The business event industry is showing up at IMEX searching for suppliers who fit their needs. Inform them and share about your new event venue or your latest event technology solutions. Over 3,000 attendees joining in on IMEX America have great buying power, and they’re coming from every sector of the global meetings industry, all to one place. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to reach such a niche group of buyers and prove to them with a great exhibit experience why and how you can help their events provide a memorable experience for all who attend. 



Oracle OpenWorld | September 21-24 | Las Vegas, NV

There are very few trade shows that give you the opportunity to reach over 60,000 qualified attendees. Do you have the technology solutions to help business decision makers accelerate their success? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. While technology is reshaping our world, share your innovation in this industry. What will make your business even more appealing at this event is sharing breakthrough technologies that will help keep human connections at the forefront of the ever-changing digital world.


Vision Expo West | September 23-26 | Las Vegas, NV

This is a wide scope event for ophthalmic professionals. Eyecare, eyewear, education, fashion and innovation are at the forefront of what drives Vision Expo West and its many buyers in attendance. From optical buyers and optometrists to corporate management, exhibitors will get to meet with over 12,000 qualified leads, face-to-face. If you’re considering getting your feet wet in the trade show world within the eyecare industry, this is a great event to join over 15,000 professionals who are paving its path. Learn from the best and grow as a company! Reach out to Skyline Las Vegas if you’re ready to get started. 


MINExpo International | September 28-30 | Las Vegas, NV

With mining having some potential risks in cost and safety, those in the industry are always looking for ways to make their money go further and to improve safety. Buyers at MINExpo 2020 want to make sure that every aspect of their business is productive and efficient. If your business sells the latest in cutting edge equipment, services and technology to help miners take their operations to a new level, this show is a great place to find the buyers who will take you seriously. With $7.3 million being the average expenditure of MINExpo events in the past, there’s a place for every business to make their mark. 


Ready to get started on a new trade show exhibit with a company that has everything you need to be successful in Las Vegas? Reach out to us today! 

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