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How Convention Centers Are Taking Precautions to Ensure Attendee & Exhibitor Safety

September 09, 2020

Following the coronavirus pandemic, instead of having free range of the show floor and expo halls, many convention centers and show organizers will be putting new temporary regulations in place to ensure that everyone walking the floor stays healthy. Many of these changes are findings from the Las Vegas Convention Center, and NAIDA – who has been in constant communication with The Wynn Las Vegas for safety protocols they will be taking. Here is what you should expect to see! We can expect that these regulations will be commonly practiced amongst all convention centers and trade shows in the US once trade shows and events begin again.


The Las Vegas Convention Center has put together health and safety protocols for when trade shows pick back up. Exhibitors and attendees spend the majority of their time on the trade show floor, so feeling safe and protecting everyone’s health should be a top priority in this area. To practice social distancing at events,  here is what you can expect to see in the expo hall:

  • “In and out” doors for one-way traffic through the show floor walkways

  • Floor graphics throughout the hall indicating up & down only aisles to reduce congestion

  • Expanding the main expo aisles in between exhibits

  • Ample amounts of sanitization stations throughout the venue, including in exhibitors’ booths if they choose

  • Face mask mandates if you are in the convention center

If you are looking to incorporate a sanitizing station within your exhibit, reach out to us today to get started on yours! These can be seamlessly incorporated within your space, and branded to match your messaging. 


Prior to the pandemic, registration desk areas at trade shows required much interaction with the attendee and the registration staff. To reduce this interaction as much as possible here are some changes you will see:

  • Tablet stands that allow you to enter your information yourself. These will be sanitized regularly.

  • A registration option utilizing a QR code to allow for touch-free check-ins

  • Floor graphics throughout the entire registration and entrance to remind everyone to stay 6-feet apart from each other

  • Face coverings and possible gloves on the staff

Along with registration areas, you may also see tablet stands within the exhibits to allow for touch-free options – Skyline can help with that too!



Before COVID-19 hit, educational sessions included a large audience with a presenter or a presentation within a booth lined with chairs positioned within inches of each other. Obviously, this does not allow for the attendee to practice social distancing, so here are a few changes you may see: 

  • Chairs in the audience at least 6-feet apart

  • Sanitation stations for extra precautions before and after the presentation

  • Continued mandate of face masks in these sessions

  • No-touch interaction of products within demos



Remember, there are many event and convention centers located in Las Vegas, so the rules and regulations will be slightly different for each venue. This doesn’t mean they aren’t doing everything they can to protect your health! Here is how: 

  • No-touch thermometer scans upon entrance into the building

  • Cleaning professionals disinfecting areas all day long

  • Different food and beverage menus – grab-and-go items, limited food and beverages within exhibitors’ booths 

  • Communication with travel and hotel partners to ensure they are doing everything to protect the health of the exhibitor, attendee, and every other staff member

  • FAQ’s found on an app created by the show organizer or show to reduce the amount of physical staff on location to answer questions

Without a doubt, you’ve likely seen many changes in all public areas that you frequently visit. We can all make these changes together to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable – all while still having human interaction and seeing new products in-person. If you have a scheduled (or rescheduled) trade show coming up – reach out to see if your exhibit falls within the guidelines for whichever convention center you will be exhibiting at!

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