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Trade Show Displays as Bright as The Vegas Strip

January 16, 2020

When it comes to standing out, the Vegas Strip definitely knows what it’s doing. It’s bright colors and lights capture the eyes of the millions of people that come to visit, and has no trouble keeping their attention.

When it comes to your trade show booth, your efforts to attract visitors should be no different! One key to having a standout exhibit is implementing a display that lights up the trade show hall with backlighting. Backlit displays use LED lights behind your graphics to make them bright, impactful and memorable.


Draws Attention

Backlit elements are great additions to your exhibit to draw eyes onto your brand. These bright displays allow you to stand out at your trade show like the Vegas Strip along the night sky. When there are endless booths at your trade show, it takes a bold presence to stand out, which is exactly what backlighting can do for your business.

Check out this display that drew attention with its 16’ tall backlit towers.

Backlighting can be done with hanging signs as well, to make your big, noticeable presence even bigger and bolder.

Implementing a backlit display in your trade show booth will entice attendees to bypass other exhibits when they see your glowing booth across the trade show floor. They’ll be drawn to come see what your company is all about!  


Brings People in For the Experience

Once people see something that catches their attention, they become compelled to take a closer look so that they can get the full effect. When in Vegas, if a business has brightly lit signage, people know that establishment means business, and has a whole lot to offer inside. Keep this mentality with your booth – as you draw people in with your display, work just as hard to keep them engaged once they’re inside. Here are some tips on keeping booth guests engaged in your booth.

Just like the Vegas Strip, a bright booth should offer an experience that attendees will remember. Make it just as enticing on the inside as it is on the outside!


Attendees Will Appreciate the Added Component

No one visits the Las Vegas Strip, only to avoid the fun and the action. Similarly, no one visits a trade show only to visit the booths that look dull and plain. If your exhibit design goes above and beyond a majority of the other businesses attending your trade show, attendees will take notice and be drawn to your booth because it offers something different.

The Skyline Pictureglow ™ Display System uses LED lighting to create compelling exhibit displays with beautiful smooth graphics and sharp lines.  With this product, Skyline Las Vegas also uses a fabric that delivers intense colors and contrast when lit. You can’t go wrong with a brightly lit booth when you’re aiming to entice attendees!

If you decide not to use backlighting in your booth, it may blend into the background like the dimly lit palm trees in the distance of the bright buildings on the Vegas Strip. Don’t let your exhibit be a dimly lit palm tree – get in touch with us today to learn more about backlit displays for your trade show exhibit success!

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