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Make Sure Your Trade Show Marketing Message Isn't Too ‘Cheesy’

March 11, 2020

We threw out the phrase ‘make sure your trade show marketing message isn’t too cheesy’ because we’re in Wisconsin, and who doesn’t relate to cheese here? There are lots of things that are better with some cheese, but not your trade show marketing message. We’re going to also share other things to avoid and ways to keep your trade show messaging consistent! 

To get the most out of your trade show exhibit experience, it’s extremely important that your marketing tactics flow seamlessly throughout all of your exhibiting efforts. This includes your before-show marketing, during and after-show marketing. 

When you’re speaking to your audience through multiple channels at different times and even maybe at the same time, it’s important that they’re able to follow along easily without having to piece things together. 


Here are 5 ways to keep your trade show messaging effective and consistent: 

1. Easy to Understand - Stay Away from Cheesy Messaging 

It truly depends on your industry, but in most cases, the cheesy sayings and puns should be left out of your main form of exhibit messaging. The last thing you want is for an attendee to not take you seriously and pass by your booth.

If you want to use a pun, make sure that it’s easy for everyone to understand because often times there will be people who just don’t get the punchline. You may be better off staying away from these all together. 

Stay away from industry jargon as well. You want to make sure that those who are new in this industry can understand your message as much as a 50-year professional in the industry can. 

Making your message easy to understand will make it quick to read and easy to comprehend. Using a phrase in your messaging over and over before, during and after your trade show will make it more likely to be remembered. A big part of exhibiting is all about brand recognition, so keeping your messaging and your branding consistent is the best way to make your brand recognizable over time.


2. Use the Same Key Message in Your Social Media Posts Leading Up to The Show That You Plan to Use in Your Booth

Do you start promoting your existence at upcoming trade shows on social media far before you even have your booth graphics finalized? If you do, just make sure that you are going off of the general idea of what you plan to say in your booth messaging. 

Once you do know the wording of the messaging in your booth, stick to that same verbiage and theme in your social media posts. 

Some key things to hit on that resonate with your overall message are things like addressing the issues that your audience often faces. Find a way to connect with their emotions by using real life scenarios. Show them how your product or service is a quality solution to their needs. Testimonials based around the specific product or service you’re focusing on at your trade show will be a great addition to this in a social media post. 

Share why you’re unique and what makes your business a great decision over other competitors. Making your messaging hit on this is a great way to stand out and become memorable to your audience. 



3. Update your website banner with your upcoming trade show presence

If trade show attendees are seeing on your social media that you are attending an upcoming show, be sure it’s on your website as well. Create a banner graphic that includes your exhibit’s theme and message, as well as the date and time of the show for those interested in attending specifically to see you. 

This is another place to be sure to keep your messaging consistent. For example, if a company who makes diapers posts on Facebook about its new line of scented diapers, this information and similar wording should be included on a banner on that company’s website. 



4. Use limited phrasing in your trade show exhibit graphics

Anything too lengthy will quickly lose attention. A key thing to take away from this is that your exhibit should mimic a billboard rather than a brochure. Keeping graphics clean and minimal makes busy attendees know right away if your booth has what they’re looking for. Any room for confusion or feeling misled could hinder your trade show success. 

You truly only have a few seconds to peak an attendee’s interest - make your messaging compelling to draw them in, and then when they’re inside your booth, that’s when you can go into more detail on the things you really want them to know. 

Here are more tips on staying away from a cluttered, brochure-looking booth and keeping things clean and minimal like a billboard. 


5. Follow Ups Should Be Cohesive With What You Discussed With Leads That You Generated From The Show 

Emails, mail, or any other type of follow ups should be a stepping stone off of your trade show messaging. If you focused solely on new products that were recently launched at your trade show, don't start talking to your leads about a new product you plan to launch in a couple months. Instead, dive deeper into the things you’ve already discussed. Don’t be too repetitive, but still remind them of key factors, and add on to that information as a stepping stone for them. Give them a way to find out more or to set up a sales call. 


Showing up on a trade show floor takes loads of dedication and planning. If you’ve made it to this step in your business, congrats! Trade shows aren’t a walk in the park, and we definitely know that first hand. We also know that the potential return on a trade show investment can do wonders for your business. Now that you know the importance of messaging, reach out to Skyline Southern Wisconsin if it’s time to rebrand your exhibit and refocus the messaging on your graphics!

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