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Skyline Southern Wisconsin is Here to Help with Your Trade Show Marketing Efforts

March 17, 2020

With the trade show industry—among many others – finding itself in uncharted territory as shows cancel and companies limit travel and assembly, we trust everyone will stay focused on their health and the continued health of our collective businesses. Let’s all remember to be kind, be fair and work together to navigate the terrain in the interest of getting all parties where they need to be!

Our team of trade show experts is here to support businesses who have seen shows canceled, and as you start to prepare for your shows that are being rescheduled.

Please reach out if you need guidance on or assistance with:

  • Understanding the cancellation policies, and the refunds you may have right to from show organizers
  • How to navigate and move forward with your exhibit plans for your shows that have been postponed
  • Options for last-minute needs in exhibit shipping and storage
  • Understanding show cancellation policies in the fine print
  • Effective alternatives for sharing your messaging with prospects who are now unable to attend your show

We want to come together by sharing resources and knowledge. Although this is an uncertain time for everyone, we also know from what we are seeing in other areas of the world that this will pass, and stronger we will be!  It is encouraging to see many shows and events being rescheduled to later this summer or fall. We are here for you – let’s work together to find the best way to keep your business moving forward.

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