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15 Touches for An Astronomical Event ROI

February 17, 2020

Event marketing continues to be a staple of any good strategic marketing plan because the exponential and variety of touches in a single event leads to long-term business partnerships.

It's not rocket science; the more touches you have, the more likely you'll be a consideration when the timing is right. And, the touch is the only thing over which you have control.

If all the research says it takes 7-10 touches depending on your industry, the most important question your marketing team should be asking is "how do I maximize the touch?"

Before the Event

Touch 1: Design a booth that brands their mind with your message. 

Touch 2: Use attendee lists to do pre-event marketing outreach via email.

Touch 3: Personal outreach by your sales staff with LinkedIn connections.

Touch 4: Sales staff scheduling of introduction meetings – new prospects 70% / current
clients 30%.

Touch 5: Direct engagement on social media – introduce your team – photos, general interests
(favorite sports, hobbies, professional goals) relevant to your business line objectives and your prospects’ specific needs.

Touch 6: Thought Leadership on LinkedIn; have your product, engineering, scientific, operations and R&D teams generate and weigh in on timely and relevant conversations to generate interest (be sure to hashtag the conference).

At the Event

Touch 7
: Schedule engaging staff and create a booth flow that guides the attendee from one staff member to another where they meet a team, not just an unenthused booth babysitter.

Touch 8: Post engagement real-time on social media and plan to re-engage the conversation from Touch 6.

Touch 9: An exchange of information in the booth – you learn the attendee needs and collect the lead.

Touch 10: Something they can walk away with – something meaningful that builds on your brand (think corporate responsibility initiatives).

Touch 11: A personal email 6 hours after lead collection to continue the conversation by one of the team members they met in the booth.


After the Event

Touch 12: A “thank you for visiting us” message post-show within a week.

Touch 13: A hand-off text or email from the person who messaged in Touch 11 to introduce them to the team member who will handle their future engagements – this is very personal; it has them engage with multiple members of your team and shows them an uncommon culture and team collaboration.

Touch 14: The team member handling the future engagements should start by asking how they would rate their event experience with your company and the hand off process  - this valuable feedback can help you guide future engagements, make adjustments or provide re-training and enable an open, respectful foundation on which to build partnerships.

Touch 15: Now let’s talk solutions!

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