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Flow Isn't Just a Progressive Spokesperson, It's the Key to Enhancing Your Exhibit

January 29, 2020

In an age where shoppers are easily influenced by the layout of the store, it's important to understand how the flow of an exhibit design can affect engagement rates at a trade show.

Some would argue it’s all about size, but there have been 40x40 booths completely empty, and 10x10 spaces attendees don’t bother walking into because it is too crowded. The exhibit hall is really the ultimate equalizer in that everyone has the same five seconds to impress the attendee enough to draw them in or make them move to the other side of the aisle. No matter what size your booth or budget, you want to create an environment that encourages people to “check-in here” and check you out.

Portable Inline Displays: 'Glow as you Grow'

As a start-up company with limited staff, budget constraints and the possibility that you’ll be installing your display by yourself, you want to stand out without a bank and back-breaking experience. Using a portable system will not only provide you ease of assembly but will also save you money on shipping and storage in the short and long term.

The key in the smaller booth scenario is having a check-in point and then moving the attendee to a highlighted feature as you discuss their business needs. Having two people in the booth who are competent to handle discussions is important here. Have the check-in staffer hand off the first visitor to the person who is handling demonstrations for a flow to the engagement. That will leave the check-in staffer available to continue to gather attendee details but also begin a conversation that can be enhanced as they are handed off.

Combining a dynamically inviting graphics with great lighting can make you stand out in a sea of 10x10’s.

Modular Inline Displays: 'Look Like You Lead'

Modular displays will be lightweight and compact. They will keep your transportation, storage and drayage costs low while providing a canvas for design options that will guide discussions and engagement.

Grab attention with colored lights, graphics, and a welcome station designed to pull attendees and get them thinking. Having someone positioned to welcome attendees by engaging them with a warm smile, a question that gets them thinking, and leading them to a center piece of conversation in your booth to hand off to another staffer helps build your brand experience beyond your logo.

Custom Island Exhibits - As the phrase goes: ‘Go Big as You Grow’

A custom island display is only as good as the foot traffic you drive in the booth to create conversions. Walking into a space that looks more like they’re walking into your office building gives them the sense of your corporate culture.

But, even in a big beautiful booth, interactions will only be high quality if you have high-quality booth staffers.  While your size, digital displays and collaboration stations will get their attention, the personal interactions will be what drives the attendees’ engagement and interest as they leave the event.

When you’re working with your design team, it’s important to figure out how you want your audience to feel. What’s the sense you want them to walk away with? Are you a corporate powerhouse who will do whatever it takes to win over clients? Are you compassionate and caring about the growth of your customer? Do you care about corporate responsibility? It will show in your design.

Work with a design and exhibit team who can make your display speak louder than words. Go to the show with that in mind and you’ll go home with quality connections who have a legitimate interest in your business.

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