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Is Your Trade Show Exhibit Suffering From the Marshmallow Effect?

November 14, 2019

When you use the same trade show exhibit year after year, it becomes like a marshmallow that has been left in an open bag - STALE! Not changing it up makes repeat attendees feel like they’ve seen it all before as they pass by your stale booth.

While some people actually enjoy the chewy nature of stale marshmallows, your customers and exhibit attendees may prefer a fresher event experience. A great way to make a big impression is to design a booth that perfectly fits your brand and trade show objectives, but sometimes your vision doesn't match your budget. The good news is that there are ways for you to expand your trade show presence and avoid the stale marshmallow experience in your booth.


  • Exhibit rental is a perfect option for new exhibitors, occasional exhibitors, or companies that want to match their product evolutions with their exhibit presence. Add rental components to your existing exhibit for a larger presence at major shows and change it up entirely from show to show/year to year, or add a couple new components with some backlighting to draw fresh perspectives.
  • Grab the attention of an attendee with new graphics. The truth is, you only have three seconds to capture the attendee attention and draw them into your booth before they are moving on. Skyline Philadelphia is your single source for rental exhibits, custom graphics and services. We produce all graphics in house and offer a full-range of services from design to installation so all you have to do is show up and exhibit.
Schedule a call or visit our show room to see design elements that keep your space fresh and avoid the marshmallow effect as you develop your 2020 vision for trade shows, meetings and events.

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