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Trade Shows Are Back! Here Are Ways You Can Prepare

May 19, 2021

You hit pause on your trade shows and now we are feeling hopeful of their return with vaccines rolling out and many events moving forward as planned! With this great news comes much planning to ensure your efforts will be a success in this ‘post-Covid’ era. Here are some tips to get started: 

Plan ahead so you don’t run into any obstacles before your event. 
The demand for exhibit materials is definitely rising now that trade shows are going forward in 2021. Like many other industries that have a manufacturing element, due to Covid-19, higher demand results in supply chain delays and lead time fluctuations. Get a head start on your planning so that you don’t have any stress added to your plate. Don’t know where to start? We can help! 

Re-configure or re-design your booth. 
We’ve said it before, but social distancing will still be a priority at trade shows for some time. As you have heard – the rule of thumb is to make sure everyone can safely stay 6-feet apart. If you feel as though your booth may get too crowded using your traditional booth layout, we can help re-configure your space to make sure you can accomplish proper social distancing protocols and to make your booth guests feel comfortable. Key considerations will be keeping your entrances open, eliminating any exhibit elements that don’t seem necessary given the current climate, and adding sanitizing stations to your booth. If you plan to invest in a new booth design altogether, it will be helpful to design your space so that you can easily add and seamlessly incorporate more elements into your booth layout later. Reconfigurability is key for getting the most bang for your buck!  


Decide if you will be participating in hybrid events. 
Many of us event marketers are excited to get back to exhibiting full-time – which is great! However, many shows will now be offering exhibitors and attendees a hybrid option. In other words, you can exhibit and meet face-to-face with your attendees on the show floor while also allowing for an online attendance option. If you plan to ease into exhibiting, offering this hybrid option for your prospects can allow you to reach a greater audience. Should you choose to participate in the virtual aspect of an event, it will be very important to tailor a portion of your content specifically to your online visitors so that they feel like they can be just as engaged as your in-person audience.  

Re-think your giveaways and promotional materials. 
To ensure that we are decreasing the spread of the virus, you may not want to want to give out tangible items in your booth when you are starting back out exhibiting. Other giveaway offers can include a discount on a product/service or entering a name into a raffle giveaway to have the prize sent to the attendee who wins post-show. 

If you usually have physical brochures that you hand out, think about switching to a digital brochure. Add QR codes in areas of your booth that allow for a touchless option that your attendees can scan and browse through your brochure online. If your prospects don’t have an immediate need at the show, they can save your brochure for later and reach out when they are interested.  


Switch up your social media promotion. 
With a change in your giveaways and promotional material may come a change in your social media promotion. Make sure that your offerings and highlights of your booth are clearly stated in your posts. Since there are many on the fence about attending events, you may want to increase your engagement and posting, especially highlighting the ways that you plan to keep your booth guests comfortable.

Be prepared for changes!
With all of this being said, it’s safe to say that there will be a handful of changes when you start exhibiting again – or maybe you have already started back and noticed these changes. Prepare to see many people wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and not feeling comfortable shaking your hand at first. Just as with everything else, we are all adapting and learning how to safely reconnect. 

We want to make sure exhibiting is as stress-free as possible for you – reach out today for any questions or to get started on your trade show planning.  

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