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22 Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

October 08, 2014

By Mike Thimmesch

While trade shows are not easy, they are many worthwhile reasons to exhibit.  How many?  In just ten minutes time (and without succumbing to the temptation of a Google search), I came up with these 22 reasons to lug your trade show exhibit down to the nearest convention center and exhibit:

1.  Generate sales leads
2.  Close sales
3.  Build relationships with prospects
4.  Advance the sales cycle
5.  Cross-sell existing clients
6.  Meet spread-out buying teams at one time
7.  Recruit new sales people
8.  Recruit new distribution
9.  Train new sales people

Marketing Communications
10. Build your brand
11. Re-position your brand
12. Increase awareness
13. Survey market awareness
14. Interview clients
15. Generate publicity

Product Marketing:
16. Launch new products
17. Survey attendees about new product ideas
18. Research competitor’s products and messaging

Executive Management:
19. Keep up on industry trends
20. Meet with key clients
21. Meet with key business partners
22. Profitably build the business


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