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Product Demonstrations- What You Need to Know

April 20, 2017

By: Marc Goldberg, Partner, and Founder of Marketech Inc. 

Product demonstrations at trade shows and events create images in the mind of visitors who participate in them.  They work because:

  • There is action or motion.
  • The benefits are easy to discern.
  •  It delivers proof that the product works.
  • There is involvement by the attendee.
  • There is greater understanding through learning.
  • They involve all the senses which make them memorable.

When deciding how to structure a product demonstration, keep in mind how adults learn:



Lecture                                                 5%

Reading                                              10%

Audiovisual                                         20%

Demonstration                                    30%

Discussion Group                                50%

Practice by Doing                                75%

Immediate use of Learning                 90%


Now let’s look at the average memorability for the most commonly used exhibit methods:


Formal Product Demonstrations 80%
Informal One-on-One Product Demonstrations 79%
Static Displays 71%
Attention Getting Techniques (mimes, magicians, robots, models) 67%
Average of All Types 75%


The average effect of a demonstration at trade shows is higher because most demonstrations studied are interactive so the visitor actually “practices by doing.”


Effective demonstrations are planned and integrated into the entire exhibiting event so that the remainder of the event reinforces the demonstration and vice versa.
A demonstration is a good attention getter and an even better vehicle to assure information retention.  It accomplishes the former through action and the latter through involvement.

Demonstrating how to use your product beats the static booth, which only has the staff to gain attention and communicate the message.  The addition of a product demonstration for a small exhibit increases the attractiveness of the booth and the number of prospects that will be interested in visiting. Because a demonstration has the ability to identify the key points of benefits the product or service offers, it aids in organizing the booth activities.  It becomes the center of attention.

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