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Questions to Pinpoint your Trade Show Strategy

April 20, 2017

By: Marc Goldberg, Partner, and Founder of Marketech Inc. 

Face to face trade shows, conferences and events have become the largest estimated share of a B2B marketer's budget. Once you have determined trade show exhibiting is right for your company, here are the questions to ask to pinpoint your trade show strategy.


  1. Are you a new company, concept, product or service?
  2. How does the show integrate with your overall marketing strategies and plan?
  3. What sales volume is expected to be generated from this event or from leads from this event?
  4. What is your position in the industry? (your perception and that of your clients)
  5. What are your current channels of distribution? (How do you get to your target market?)
  6. What are the characteristics of your prospects/clients buying behavior? Preferences? Needs?
  7. What is the market potential relative to the audience? (What gross sales/revenue level can you expect from this target market?)
  8. Describe your products/services in terms of Applications, Benefits, Relative Price
  9. What are your competitive advantages? How can they be communicated? (What elements are positioned in the prospect or buyers mind that render all other competitors second to you?)
  10. What are your market weaknesses? How can you minimize them?
  11. What is most memorable about your product? (What are your differentiators? How can you communicate your uniqueness?)
  12. Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How will they communicate their strengths?
  13. Why should a prospect consider purchasing your product?
  14. What keywords communicate the most about your company, its products, and services? Can they be communicated through graphics? Can you add them to a show dedicated landing page on your website?
  15. What can you use to gain attention to your exhibit? Why do attendees visit you?
  16. How will visitors interact with your staff? What do attendees want to do when they visit your exhibit?
  17. Can a meaningful demonstration be integrated into your exhibit? Does providing proof and benefit through a demonstration add value to the exhibit dialogue?
  18. How will you measure the results of the event?
  19. What role will management play in the execution of your show plan?
  20. What results will management want you to report on, post-show?



Who is responsible for the planning, coordinating and execution of the entire event to assure its success? If the answer is YOU, don’t worry. There are many valuable resources to help you strategically plan and organize everything that comes with exhibiting at a trade show.

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