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Using Banner Stands to Create a Branded Environment

April 17, 2017

By: Greg Johnson, Managing Director of Skyline Exhibits Utah

Most often, when people think of banner stands, they think of using them at trade shows, or at sponsored events to help broadcast their message, show off their products, and increase exposure to their brand. It’s little wonder since banner stands have earned a place as staples for those applications by being so thoroughly versatile. One less common, but equally effective, application for banner stands is creating a branded environment within your own facilities.

LOBBY  Welcome customers, prospects, and other visitors to your office or showroom with custom graphics that convey a message while creating an impression of professionalism and worth. Custom banner stands in your lobby can be placed near windows, so passers-by can see them, giving you an opportunity to let them know who you are and what your company does. Placing banners near or behind your reception desk creates additional display space where you can place a welcoming or introductory message, announce upcoming events, or showcase new products. Place a series of banners in the waiting area, and visitors are likely to absorb some additional information about your company and products before you even meet with them.

MEETING ROOMSYour conference rooms are another effective place to use banner stands for a custom branded environment. If you use your meeting rooms primarily for client meetings, consider using graphics that prominently feature your visual branding, and use large, high-quality images to subtly send a message: We are the company you want to do business with. If your meeting rooms are more often used for staff or group meetings, consider creating banners that remind employees of what they are representing and working for. Because meeting rooms are typically multi-use, though, be careful not to place employee-aimed messages that might strike the wrong chord with clients in the meeting rooms.


CAFETERIA In your cafeteria or break room, you can create a message aimed entirely at your employees. Like in a conference room, you can remind employees of the reasons they should be proud to represent your brand. Beyond that more subtle message, a campaign of employee-targeted banners can be used to reinforce reminders on things like safety and timekeeping, or, possibly most valuable of all, to make a focused effort at letting your employees know they matter. Employee retention is an important economic factor for all companies in the current economy, and retaining engaged employees takes a system-wide strategy. Because banner stands are easy to move and graphics are easily changed out, it’s easy to keep them a fresh part of your employees’ environment, and one they’ll notice each time.

TOURS In a manufacturing or production facilities, banner stands can be used to describe a process or procedure at a designated station. When used as a self-guided tour it can allow for less disruption to staff while still educating the non-employee.


If you plan your campaigns ahead, you can throw the spotlight on each new product, change messages seasonally, and help ensure that everyone who walks into your space finds your branding familiar, but the specific message and visual is fresh enough to gain their notice. Once you’ve made a plan, you can save money by printing double-sided banners that can be flipped over for a change, instead of single-sided banners for every change. For everything from consulting and training on planning your campaigns to graphic design, Skyline has expert help and premium quality products to make your branded environment effective, impressive, and unique.

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