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10 Important Reasons to Use Backlighting in Your Booth

July 08, 2019

Including backlighting in your exhibit is a must if you’re looking to stand out on the trade show floor. There are so many great benefits and reasons why using a backlit display will enhance your trade show exhibit. Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t overlook exhibit backlighting:

1. People like shiny things

Let’s face it, if there are two of the same signs standing side by side, but one is lit up, which one are you going to look at first and pay more attention to? Obviously, you’ll look at the well-lit sign because it’s brighter and has better contrast which makes it easier to read and is just more appealing overall. In today’s digital age, it’s often difficult to get - and keep - the attention of people, but with a backlit display, you won’t have to worry about this obstacle. Skyline’s PictureGlow™ uses materials that will make your graphics shine. Being able to easily capture the attention of attendees will get more people in your booth space, generate awareness of your brand, and push you toward the trade show marketing results you’re aiming for!


2. Your booth will be visible across the show floor

With LED backlighting adding brightness to your display, the appearance and sensation of your exhibit will become elevated. This brightness will give your booth the pop it needs to capture the attention of attendees passing by and even those who are all the way across the room. With backlighting, your flat graphics turn into eye-catching visuals that enhance your booth and your brand image. With many booths under the same show lighting all seemingly blending together, your booth will be the one that peoples’ wavering eyes will stop on.

3. People will appreciate the added investment

When people see your glowing booth, they’ll also see that you took additional steps to go above and beyond a traditional non-lit booth. It will be clear to them that you have an important message to share, that your brand is different and that you want to make sure people are aware of it. This added effect on a booth shows that you have a high-quality exhibit with beautiful looking graphics and smooth, sharp lines. Not only will attendees see the quality in your display, they’ll see it in your brand as well.


4. Adaptable to multiple display types

Going big? Include backlighting. Going small? Definitely include backlighting! It doesn’t matter the size of your booth; backlighting is most likely possible to implement. A backlit display’s streamlined look is great for inline exhibits and can also be added to island designs to get you your desired pop of illumination.

5. Versatile from show to show

PictureGlow™ offers the benefit of versatility by providing optional product shelving and monitor mounts. This gives the option to change digital content and shelving from show to show if your messaging changes over time or if you have different products that you need to highlight at different shows. Having the option to be flexible and change things up at each show will help you better reach your target audiences, resulting in a higher ROI.  


6. Single or double-sided options

Again, having the ability to change things up from show to show allows you to better target different audiences. Skyline offers the convenience of a two-sided display that is capable of showing off two completely different messages. This opens up much more room for depth and details on each side when you aren’t stuck with having to overgeneralize your message for all of your shows. This option is also very cost-efficient when you only have to pay for an additional graphic rather than purchasing two completely different displays.  

7. Affordable

With the option of a double-sided graphic, you’ll definitely be saving money by minimizing the cost of additional booth hardware as well as additional storage. If your budget won’t allow you to invest in a large island booth, you’ll still be able to get an eye-catching booth that better fits your budget with a backlit display.


8. Available for rental or purchase

The nice thing about working with Skyline is that if you only exhibit one or two times a year, you can rent your booth to save on ownership costs. This allows you to put more money into a backlit booth display that you otherwise may not be able to afford to own.


9. Easy installation

With a PictureGlow™ portable display, you won’t have to worry about confusing and time-consuming setup. Your units will install with ease as frames are all labeled and connect with the use of a T-wrench. The majority of lights on these displays are also pre-installed on the frame. Having the convenience of easy set-up will save you time on other important aspects that you need to prepare on the day of your event.

10. Easier to read

With a well-lit booth on a crowded show floor, it will not only be more visible, but also more reader-friendly. Backlighting results in very strong contrast in your design and messaging, allowing for ease of visibility. Even from a distance, your booth will be more readable; drawing attention to your message and increasing awareness of your booth and brand. 


If you’re thinking what we’re thinking (that you can’t go wrong by adding backlighting to your trade show booth), then reach out to us today! We’ll help you find the perfect option that fits your needs and enhances your brand.   

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