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3 Creative Ways to Make a Big Splash with a Small Trade Show Booth

April 24, 2019

Feel like it’s impossible to make your small booth stand out on a huge trade show floor? Fortunately, smaller budgets don’t always mean a smaller ROI. It’s completely possible for your booth to make an impact at your next show, regardless of its size! Use these 3 creative tips for making a big impression with your small booth.


With a smaller than desired booth size, you may already feel like you have way too little space to show off the necessary components of your brand. The Skyline Tablox® Table System allows for additional space to place and present products and comes with easy access storage, giving you the option to stock additional products. The table system also reconfigures into various shapes and sizes, making it easy to adjust to your booth space. If you feel like you don’t have enough space to show off different aspects of your brand, this table system is great because you can customize them with branded graphics or whatever information you’d like to share. This can do a lot for your small booth, all while allowing you to make a big impact on your audience.


A bigger booth isn’t always a better booth if it’s not interesting or eye-catching. Use a backlit display that will catch attendees’ eyes from across the show floor. Graphics that pop help you better stand out, reach your target audience, and will draw people in, encouraging them to come into your booth and learn more about your brand. Making your graphics glow amongst the crowd will be a distinguished way of making your booth memorable to your trade show guests and even those who just glanced at your brightly lit branding.



Your booth won’t be blending in when there’s a crowd of people interacting at it. Creating an engaging and memorable experience in your exhibit space will make it the one people can’t stop talking about. Generating involvement can be done no matter the size of your booth, as long as it’s worthwhile for attendees. Whether you implement a contest that comes with a satisfying prize, provide a virtual reality experience, give live demonstrations that allow people to engage with your product, or use another tactic, this enticing interaction will keep people in your booth, creating curiosity for attendees passing by.

We promise you that trade show success isn’t always in the size of your booth. In fact, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Contact us today to figure out how we can make your small booth requirements give you the most bang for your buck!

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