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3 Reasons It May Be Time to Upgrade to A Larger Booth

May 13, 2019

1. You aren’t meeting your goals

If you’re struggling to meet your lead and sales goals, it may be because your booth staff isn’t creating enough quality connections. This could be due to having such limited space in your booth area that the crowdedness makes it difficult to focus on a conversation. No one enjoys feeling like packed sardines in any situation. If someone leaves your booth feeling like they can finally breathe again, this is not a good last thought for them to exit with.

Also, if there’s limited space for people and products in your booth space, it’s likely that you wouldn’t want to overcrowd the area with staff. Having limited space for staff could mean you don’t have the bandwidth of salespeople on your floor to interact with the required number of prospects to reach your goals. All of these problems could be stemming from the fact that your booth space is just too small.  

Advancing to a 20x20 or larger booth will give you ample space to have a larger booth staff, speak to more prospects and ensure that they don’t feel overcrowded. Having more bandwidth for your exhibit can guarantee that you’ll make a greater impression throughout the entire show to more people, gain more quality leads and push you toward your goals.

An island exhibit is a great way to disperse people amongst your exhibit with different features in different areas. For example, kiosks could be included on two separate sides, some seating in another corner, and product demonstrations in another area.

2. You want deeper conversations with prospects opposed to surface level interactions

It’s likely that if you have a 10x10 booth, you don’t have much room for seating. Sometimes standing in an open area and talking business just doesn’t mix well if you’re hoping to dive deeper into conversation. Having a separate seating area or meeting room can give you the freedom to speak with people in a more private setting. After all, you’re exhibiting at trade shows because you want to create meaningful relationships.

Privacy and exclusivity are the benefits of a meeting or conference room. You’ll be better able to conduct business with a potentially big client in this type of setting when they are more comfortable and have no distractions from the show floor. Double-deck exhibits are a great option that creates a barrier from the busy show floor. They also save you from having to purchase more booth space when you’re building up. Being able to step aside and further your conversation in the moment is much more likely to lead somewhere than if you were to have to ask for their business card and pick up your conversation at a later time.

A larger booth is a great solution to creating an environment for deeper conversations with prospects, rather than dealing with the same surface-level exchanges.

3. You want your booth to be more interactive

Sure, you may have room for some product shelving and monitors to showcase products, but what you’re unable to do is create multiple interactive opportunities. It may be difficult to display more than one or two products without it beginning to feel cluttered, but if that’s all you want to focus on, then a smaller booth may work for your goals. If you have various goals such as showcasing new products, product demonstrations, lead generation, direct sales, interactive games, etc., then a larger booth space will give you the option to implement more of those features. Having the room to include different aspects into your booth can give it a more interactive feel for guests without it becoming overcrowded.

Be sure that when you increase your booth size from previous shows, you’re able to fill those gaps so it doesn’t feel like there is space being wasted. Also, be sure that you have a sufficient amount of booth staffers needed so they aren’t hard to find in your booth and can cover different areas of the floor if needed. If you’re hoping to communicate with a lot of people at once, a group demonstration that is large enough to draw crowds will be possible in a bigger booth.

Rather than going with a small booth that limits your options of getting people involved in your brand, consider implementing a larger booth! Contact us today for more information.

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