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3 Reasons Why In-Person Marketing Is So Effective

April 29, 2019

One of the benefits of trade show marketing is the face-to-face interaction that occurs between a business team and it’s current and potential clients. Many marketers overlook the advantages that exhibiting at a trade show can bring a business. So, why is this in-person interaction so beneficial in business?

Relationship Building

Out of all possible avenues of communication, personal relationships take the cake. Developing trust with someone is much more difficult if you’re unable to speak face-to-face. Trade shows give you the opportunity to make face-to-face, organic connections with people who have a high interest in your business offerings. Also, most people prefer to work with those that they are familiar with which is why trade shows are the perfect opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with current and future clients. If someone doesn’t purchase right away, down the road when they’re ready to make that purchase, you’ll have a one-up on the competition because you’ve already made that personal connection.


Instant Feedback

Those who have an interest in your product or service are great publics to listen to when it comes to feedback. Speaking directly with potential clients gives you the opportunity to ask questions about how they perceive your company, what they think you need to improve on or what you’ve been excelling at. Value these insights and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. It’s also far easier to gauge how someone feels about something when you’re speaking to them in person. Take facial cues, voice inflection, and body language into consideration when discussing different areas of your business.


Generates Interest

Taking the time to attend trade shows for your industry allows you the opportunity to speak to an audience condensed of high-quality leads. These prospects are listening, all you need to do is convince them that your company is the one that best fits their needs. Generate interest through a high-quality booth with interesting visuals and bright graphics. Hone in on your target audience’s demographics. Be sure that your booth staff is knowledgeable about your organization. Give enticing, hands-on demonstrations or other options for attendees to interact with your booth. Having the opportunity to create an in-person experience at trade shows is an impactful way to gain interest from potential buyers.  


If mass marketing isn’t getting you the results you’d like, consider face-to-face marketing at trade shows. Contact us to learn more today! 

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