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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Go Wrong with A Custom Island Exhibit

June 10, 2019

If an island exhibit is in your budget and you’re still on the fence about making this big jump from an inline or other medium-size booth, we get it. Transitioning to a bigger booth presence comes with a higher price tag and more planning, but it’s all worth it. Here are three big reasons why you won’t regret your decision to exhibit with a custom island display:


1. You’ll attract major attention.

With an island sized booth, it’s inevitable that you will attract lots of attention, even at larger shows. Having an island exhibit will help you stand out from the many other booths that are blending together along the outer walls.

One main objective for this exhibit below was to attract attention, which it was able to do with high walls and a Skyflyer hanging structure. The bright graphics and large presence allowed it to be noticed across the trade show floor, resulting in high traffic.

Having an open layout will also be inviting for attendees to walk through. An open floor plan with lots of attractions and an easy to navigate space is definitely an attention grabber!  

With an island display, your exhibit will look grand, eye-catching and significant. People will see the added effort put into your booth which they will appreciate. For a trade show attendee to notice that a company put great effort into their exhibit is to also see the value in that company.

Having the structure and the graphic visibility will be so beneficial and will generate the traffic you’re looking for, which is just one reason why going with an island exhibit is a great idea for your company.


2. You can really get down to business with private meeting rooms.

Private meeting rooms are difficult to implement in smaller sized booth spaces. Having an island exhibit gives you the room needed for a closed-off area where you can take serious inquiries to the next level. Having the space to speak in private will allow you to dive deeper into conversation about business partnerships.

The exhibitors in the photo below were planning to conduct business at their trade show and needed private space for those meetings. Skyline Exhibits helped design a booth that implemented three large conference rooms as well as a press office.

While some areas were glassed off to showcase business activity occurring, others were enclosed in frosted glass for complete privacy.


3. You have the opportunity to engage more people.  

Having more space means more opportunity to show off products, give demonstrations and interact with guests. With a larger space to accommodate more visitors, you’ll be able to increase your brand awareness and easily gain more prospects. Interaction doesn’t have to be limited to live demonstrations and conversations with your trade show team. Consider implementing one of these interactive methods to increase engagement in your booth and also make it memorable.

Here’s an example of an exhibit that helped reaffirm one company’s position in the market with their big booth design. The island exhibit attracted people throughout the exhibit hall and provided great results.

This large space allowed them to show off their innovative technology and conduct business on a larger scale than they would have been able to do with a smaller booth.

Having the room to implement more in your booth will not only allow more people in your booth at a time, it will allow them to engage and learn even more about your brand.

Among the many objectives that exhibitors often have, brand exposure is usually near the top of the list. An island booth is a great way to help reach that goal. Speak with a Skyline trade show professional today to start creating your island exhibit display.

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