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3 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Games Irresistible

October 14, 2019

The last thing you want is for your trade show attendees to feel like they have no chance of winning your prizes, resulting in them being reluctant to engage in your trade show game. You also want to make sure that your prize or prizes are something people will REALLY want. No participation equals no engagement with your brand, and fewer leads coming in. To ensure that your games and contests are appealing to all of your booth attendees, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Offer two types of incentives.

Rather than only offering a reward to one winner at the end of the day, incentivize your game even more by making it a competition. If someone thinks their chances of winning are too low to waste their time entering the competition, they may think differently if they’re still able to beat their fellow coworkers. Everyone loves a little competition – put up a leaderboard to keep people interested and engaged.

Using reward and recognition will ensure that as long as your game or contest is appealing, people will want to participate! 

Offer a large prize for each day of the event.

If someone realizes that they are competing with others throughout the entire event, they might be less likely to want to participate in your game. Competing with only the attendees who are there on the same day sounds like much better odds.

Make it clear that you will be announcing a winner at the end of each day, this way attendees will feel like they have a better chance of winning and be more likely to participate.

If you’re not doing large prizes, and are leaning toward inexpensive trinkets, people will still likely want to partake in your game, but that’s only if every person is guaranteed to win. No one will want to go through the process of playing your game and giving you their information if it’s just for a small chance to win something they can buy for a couple of dollars. If you do opt for smaller prizes, make sure they include your branding! 

Make your prize hard to turn down.

Some trade show attendees may turn their nose up at a prize that is far from ‘exciting.’ If you’re going to do a large daily prize, make sure that it’s something that anyone would be thrilled to win. Often this will include something that is either expensive or hard for someone to get their hands on.

A huge plus for your company is when it’s able to give something away from its own product line or service offerings. When people are interested in winning this type of prize, you know that they are interested in what your business has to offer, making them a high-quality lead. If it’s difficult for your business to give away its own product or service, you can always find other options, just make sure they’re something people will be truly eager to win.

If you’re looking for an exhibit design that aligns with your plans for implementing an intriguing contest at your company’s next trade show, reach out to us today!


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