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4 Breakthrough Tips for Following up with Your Trade Show Leads

April 10, 2019

After the seemingly endless amount of time and effort put into your trade show planning and execution, it’s easy to return to the office, exhale a sigh of relief that it’s over and push your leads to the edge of your desk. Research continues to show us that many companies fail to even follow up with their leads at all. But WHY?! You just worked so hard to obtain those leads - treat them like gold and recognize the importance of investing your time in them.

Below are four noteworthy tips that will help you get a grip on your leads:

#1 Qualify Your Leads

This step requires planning before you actually make contact with your leads… but it’s necessary to having success with your lead follow-up process. Make sure to determine what qualities determine a certain type of lead in your book, and train your booth staff to label them as high, medium or low-level qualified leads. Knowing just how serious each lead is, what their wants and needs are, where they are in the buying cycle etc. gives you more insight on how to make your follow-up as effective as possible. Not only does this show your prospect that you took the time to understand where they’re at in their decision-making process, but it also makes things easier on their end when you’re providing them with the information they actually need to move forward, speeding up the sales process for everyone. 


#2 Strike Quickly

Speed really does matter in lead follow-up situations. Your new prospect most likely became a lead to more companies than just yours. Don’t assume that you’re the only one on their mind and that they’ll sit around waiting for you to reach out before they make their buying decision. Be prompt in showing them before anyone else does that you are the right solution for whatever need they’re seeking to be filled. How soon is soon enough? As soon as possible. This likely means having some sort of email template created for each type of lead, ready to be sent once they enter the system. Be sure to still take the time to add that personal touch if possible. Speed matters greatly here, but so does quality.


#3 Be Consistent

Consistency creates familiarity. Communicating with leads on a regular basis is important because it typically takes a few attempts to get your message across. So, rather than sending only one email to reach out and remind your lead who you are, contact them a couple of times with purpose over the first few weeks after your trade show. Remember to be friendly, not sales-y. This frequent contact will keep your name in their mind and hopefully convince them that you are their best option!


#4 Tailor Content to Your Leads

Rather than throwing leads onto your monthly newsletter recipient list, create an email sequence that is tailored to them and their specific interest in your services or products. Here, it’s important not to bombard them with redundant information they already learned at your booth. Instead, make your content useful – send them resources to further their knowledge on what you can offer, touch back on their company’s pain points to then show how you can help or remind them to take advantage of any offers you promoted at the trade show that they showed interest in. This goes back to staying consistent in your efforts and showing your leads that you will help them resolve their business’s problems.


If your company is following up with its leads, kudos to you! But, if your follow-up is a generalized email blast sent out whenever you finally find time, hopefully these tips will help you get a more effective plan in place for increasing ROI. 

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