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4 Strategies for Attracting a Crowd at your Trade Show Display in Chicago

March 14, 2016

Being a participant at one of Chicago’s trade shows is a strategic move for getting your brand out there to be seen.  Making the most of the time and space available to you at these events mean coming up with a plan to make the biggest impact.   Trade show displays have evolved over the last decades.  They have become more dynamic and include a variety of elements that can help attract a crowd your way.  Here are four strategies on how to incorporate these elements for your next trade show exhibit in Chicago.
Strategy 1: Stand Out
Utilizing the space provided for you at a trade show is so crucial for drawing attention to yourself.  First impressions matter, so you have to make it count if you want people to stop by and see what it is that you have to offer.   Skyline has creative solutions to help assist those who are participating in any type of trade show in the Chicago area to accomplish this.  Unique solutions of how to present yourself and set up your exhibit will draw attention and turn heads in your direction.
Strategy 2: Engaging Personalities
As much as an attractive trade show display is important, it is just as important to have people who can engage others well working the booth.  High-energy people that have personalities that attract people are going to make your trade show booth a place worth stopping.  The person or people running your booth should possess engaging personalities and need to be able to represent the company in a confident manner.  If you think about it, nobody enjoys talking to an incompetent person who doesn’t know how to keep your interest.  So, as you strategize your trade show plan, be sure to think about those people who can capture the crowd’s attention. 
Strategy 3: Make Them Laugh
There is in fact a universal language…laughter.  Making people laugh is the best way out there to easily connect with strangers and make a memorable moment.  Adding some kind of humor to your trade show display may be a great way to capture attention and get people to listen to your message.
Strategy 4: Interactive
If possible, making your trade show exhibit in Chicago interactive will help to engage the audience in a holistic way.  Appealing to each of the five senses (smell, touch, hearing, taste, and sight) really helps to draw a crowd.  When people can hear and see stimulating content they gain interest.  Then if you have the opportunity, engage people in interacting with your product through touch, taste or even smell.  This is going to look different in each industry, but the concept applies across the board.
Overall these four strategies will help to draw a crowd to your trade show booth in Chicago.  Making it an attractive, fun and interactive experience for people includes having the right staff running the booth.  Together all of these tips can make for one impressive and impactful trade show experience. This allows you to utilize each trade show to the maximum potential.


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