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45% Of Attendees Visit An Exhibit For THIS Reason – Is It Part Of Your Strategy Yet?

September 13, 2019

Did you know that about 45% of most booth’s attendance rates come as a result of a personal invitation or pre-show marketing? That means if you’re not contacting or getting in front of prospects before a show, your attendance rates could be nearly cut in half! If personal invitations or pre-show marketing is something you haven’t acted on in the past, you’ll definitely want to start reaching out before your trade shows, giving you a chance to almost double your attendance rates.

Although you can easily create a couple of posts on social media and send out event invites on Facebook, personalized emails are an even better and more personal way to increase your event’s attendance. Here are some tips on how to make a great event invitation email: 

Think of a catchy subject line.

Emails are more likely to be opened when your subject line catches attention. If you’re targeting millennials, try to be conversational and personable. Think about it, would you be more inclined to open an email that says, “Beer and Spirits Event Coming Up” or “To my fellow Rum and Coke fan...”? Emojis are also a great attention-getter. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. So, if you’re in a specific industry, an emoji might strike someone’s attention a little quicker if it’s something they’re interested in (especially a millennial.)

If it’s a more professional audience you’re reaching out to, skip the emojis and do your best to speak to their interests. To make them feel special, you could use these words in your text, “An exclusive offer for you” or “Private Invite”.

Be sure not to make false claims or promise something you can’t stand by. People will just be less likely to open your emails in the future or maybe even unsubscribe if they’re on your email list. Avoid the overuse of all caps and exclamation points, as people find this annoying and spammy. Here’s a list of some great caption ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Include their name in your email content.

People love seeing their names used. Address the email initially to them, and you could even include it at different places in the body of the email. This is a great way to establish a connection and make your email content more conversational from the get-go.


Don’t forget to add pictures or video.

If you’re promoting a don’t-want-to-miss giveaway, include a picture of that awesome grand prize! If you have a sneak-peak video of your exhibit on your website, add that video to your email content. People are more likely to stick around on a page a little longer when there are visuals involved.

Add links to keep them in the loop!

Are you constantly sharing on social media to get people excited about and aware of your event? Be sure to include your social media handles so your prospects can follow along and get these updates. Seeing more of your upcoming event and having it in their mind will make them more likely to remember it.


Make your email appealing for your audience.

Remember who you’re speaking to and keep their language, tendencies, and interests in mind when writing the content of your email. Make sure it flows nicely and is easy to read and follow along with!


Include your call to action.

If your main goal is to make someone aware of your event, your call to action could be to get them to follow your social media to be more involved in your brand and be able to see more details on your event. If you want someone to RSVP or register, don’t forget to include a link to be able to easily do so!


Include a banner.

A banner at the end of the page stands out and tells the reader that there is important information available there. Add important details like a phone number and email of the contact person for your upcoming event. If you haven’t already, this is a good place to link to your social media sites.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ins and outs of trade shows, growing your booth attendance, and attracting the right audience, reach out to our trade show experts today!


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