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5 Aspects for Impactful Trade Show Messaging

February 15, 2016

Kicking up your Chicago trade show game in some effective messaging will have people leaving the trade show knowing who your business is and what you company is all about. Getting your message out helps potential clients or customers understand why you exist and how your service can positively impact their lives. Messaging is a part of every piece of your trade show presence. From the exhibit design, booth, displays, hosts, promotions and services, the message is the thread that holds it all together.

# 1 - It’s not about you.

When it come to making a marketing plan for a Chicago trade show exhibit, it is important to remember your audience. Who are the people you are trying to capture business from? Who is you target market? The answer to either of these questions isn’t ‘you.’ It’s not about how great your company is, it’s about focusing on your target audience and how you can help them.

# 2 - Have a centralized theme.

Having a message in your marketing is what gives your campaign substance. It makes you remembered and gives the audience a full view of what your company represents. Having a centralized theme or a tag line strung throughout all aspects of your trade show exhibit will help all of the pieces to fit together neatly.

# 3 - Bring about feelings.

Talk about the pain or issues that help your audience identify with you. This opens the door of understanding and potential business. This is why your company exists, to address a need, to solve a problem. A trade show display is a great tool to help express the emotions you want to portray.

# 4 - Become the answer.

Once you have identified that there is a problem that needs to be solved in your potential client or customer's life, present that your company is the solution. Make your product the answer. This puts meat on the bones. Proving that you have an effective solution gives credibility.

# 5 - Stand above the rest.

You may have the solution to a problem in life, but you may not be the only company to have the answer. This is where you get to show your audience that you are different from other competitors. Your solutions solve problems better than others because of x,y and z. A helpful resource to use to show this in the best light would be the use of testimonials. Thoughts and comments of your service provided by real clients have an effective and memorable influence on potential business.

Skyline exhibits at Chicago trade shows are known to stand out and the designs provide effective messaging, allowing people to fully grasp the importance of utilizing the service you are providing.

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