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5 Reasons Why Working with A Reputable Exhibit Company Over Purchasing an Inexpensive Online Booth Will Save You Money

April 08, 2019

Some companies have a hard time justifying the purchase of a costly custom booth when they can just purchase a portable popup online for a much lower cost. But is the cheap online alternative really a smart alternative? Or is it just a more appealing option in the moment with hidden expenses that will be exposed later on? Read on to find out why it makes sense to purchase your booth from a trustworthy exhibit company and how you’ll save in the long run.

1. Quality - you get what you pay for. 

Purchasing a cheap online booth with promises like ‘high quality’ and ‘long-lasting’ may not be as promising when something arrives at your doorstep that doesn’t quite resemble what you were expecting. A couple of common downfalls of ordering online are faded coloring, shades that don’t match your brand’s colors, and chintzy looking materials that you would never want to represent your company.

Working with an exhibit company will give you complete assurance that your exhibit proposals and designs you see are what you’re going to get. An exhibit is a representation of your company, so it’s worth putting a couple extra dollars into a booth that wows with great quality materials and beautiful, bright graphics.

2. Weight matters - take shipping into consideration.

Your online booth purchase may be cheap, but that means it will also likely be heavy. One thing that many people forget to take into consideration is drayage, (the cost of transporting your exhibit from its warehouse to its booth space) and the fact that this service is usually based on weight.

Working with an experienced designer will help you avoid higher drayage rates by designing an exhibit that uses less, lighter material and packs more efficiently. Assuming that you’ll save money with an online booth may come back to bite you when you realize that you could’ve kept costs down with a better-quality exhibit and lower shipping rates.

3. Longer lasting - you'll get more than just one use.  

If you only intend on using your exhibit once and don’t need something that will stand the test of time, a cheap online option may work for you. If you plan on exhibiting at multiple shows a year, you’re better off investing in a durable, well-made exhibit. Attempting to use a cheap online option that starts breaking down and wearing after one use will represent your company poorly. So, save money in the long run by buying a booth that’s going to last you much longer and better represent your company.

4. Great support - peace of mind that you have backup. 

Purchasing from an online source may not give you the same type of great service you’ll receive when you buy from a skilled exhibit company. Quite often, buying online leaves you on your own once your booth is purchased. The great thing about working with skilled exhibit companies like Skyline Exhibits is that you’re not just paying for a booth, you’re paying for peace of mind that your trade show experience will go smoothly. You’ll know that your booth will be top-notch. You’ll know that if you need advice on graphics or have questions about booth setup, services are just a call away.

5. Expert advice - assurance you're making the right decisions.

Not only does customer support include great service, it also includes expert advice. Rather than going online to make your purchase on your own, a reputable exhibit company will work with you to make sure you’re making the best decisions for your booth. Whether you need guidance on what type of graphics will make the biggest impression on your target audience, advice on which display type is going to best suit your company and the goals of your booth or need new tips on how to qualify leads and interact with guests, working with an exhibit company will help you with those tough decisions and find the right answers.

If you’re debating on where to purchase your new exhibit booth for your upcoming trade shows, hopefully, this helps make your decision a little easier. Your business deserves a booth that represents it well. Skyline Exhibits can help!

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