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5 Tips for A More Focused Branding Experience

August 29, 2019

To ensure that your brand stands out in your market, it’s important that your
branding strategy is consistent, unique, memorable and trustworthy. Whether you’re looking to make your day-to-day marketing more consistent with your trade show marketing, or you need to redirect your branding to be more focused in all of your marketing materials, here are some great tips that will tie all of your marketing and branding efforts together.

Figure out your purpose.  

Asking yourself why your business exists will help you generate a more focused message. If you’re able to tell your target audience what your mission is and how that entwines with what you do as an organization, along with the types of products and services you provide, they will be clearer on the ways you can help them. If you are doing a product promotion or launching something new at a trade show, you’ll still be able to keep your branding consistent even though you’re touching on something ‘new’ in your business.

Be sure that your entire marketing team is on the same page with what your purpose is. How can your audience understand your purpose if your team has different views on the reason your company exists? Clearly stating to your entire company what kind of organization you are and knowing how to distinguish yourselves should help you establish an unswerving perception of your organization. Know your purpose and make it clear and consistent.


What’s missing in your current branding strategy?

In other words, in what areas are you looking to improve? Do you feel like your brand isn’t resonating with prospects? Does it seem like it’s not as memorable as it could be? Conducting research on people’s perceptions of your brand can be a great insight on these topics.

If you’ve never nailed down exactly what sets your company apart, this is a great chance to figure it out! Work with your team to identify the unique value that your company brings to your customers. This should include finding out what it is that you do better than anyone else.

Are you lacking consistency? Branding isn’t something your business should ever quickly decide upon and roll with to get things going. Rather, it’s something that should be carefully considered and well-put-together because it’s a part of your messaging that you’re going to be portraying a lot. Keeping your branding consistent no matter the campaign or the promotion is key to making your audience come to know you well and trust you.


What will your renovated branding achieve?

If you’re updating your branding, figure out why you’re doing it. What are you hoping will come out of reshaping, rewording your slogan or messaging, honing in on how you want customers and prospects to perceive you, and creating more of a prominent identity? Are you hoping to expand your audience to a new demographic and increase your market share? Is the main goal to move your market position from the middle of the pack to more of a leader in your industry?

Figure out your timeline for your goals and measure your success along the way to find out how well your new branding is performing for you. It’s okay if there’s a need to make tweaks along the way if you are finding that some tactics are working better than others! Just be sure that you make these (hopefully not too drastic) changes as soon as possible, because your loyal customers are going to want to know that you know who you are as a company and can stick to your values.


Are you satisfied with your customer base?

Do you know what types of people purchase the majority of your products or services? Is this sufficient for you, or would you like to expand your audience type to a wider demographic? Figure out how your branding can allow you to reach more people beyond what you’ve been reaching. Dive into figuring out what these different markets factor in when making their buying decision. Tell a new story to your desired market.

If you know what problems your prospects and customers are facing, use this knowledge to be able to offer your company as a unique suggestion to them that provides value. Give prospects a reason to choose you over your competitors. Figure out how you want to make them feel when they think of your brand. Keep this ‘feeling’ consistent throughout everything you do as a company.


Take a look at competitors.

To know how you stand out in your industry, you have to look at your competitors. If your branding tries to focus on something that sets you apart that others are already doing (even if you didn’t technically ‘steal’ their branding idea) this won’t get you to your desired goals. Doing lots of research on what others are doing can give you good insight into what you’re doing better.

Are other companies using fonts and colors that you’re considering or already using? Take a different route and differentiate your look to stand out.


If you think your trade show display needs a revamp in branding, reach out to us! We even offer services that can help you reshape your branding – giving you great insight and expert advice. Keeping your branding consistent with your trade show display will also help you grow company recognition and grow your business.

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