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6 Convenient Tips to Save You Money at Your Next Trade Show

June 03, 2019

A higher ROI is much more achievable at a trade show if you are conscientious about your spending. Understanding areas where your spending can be done smarter is the first step to improving your ROI and positively impacting your bottom line. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show in the near future, here are some money-saving tips to pay attention to:  


#1 Work with a trade show company that has an asset management program.

Located in one area of the country and exhibit in another area? Skyline Exhibit’s dealer network offers climate-controlled storage facilities near all major trade show cities. Avoiding the nuisance of shipping back and forth across the country for every show will save you expensive shipping charges.

Working with a trade show company who offers asset management will also give you peace of mind that your exhibit properties are well taken care of with quality assurance inspections and refurbishments as needed. Ensuring that your exhibit is functioning correctly, and all your parts are accounted for with pre- and post-show inspections could save you money down the road. Imagine showing up to a show only to realize you need something fixed or are missing a part and having to pay high last-minute shipping cost to repair or replace it.


#2 Schedule your return shipping in advance.

Letting your exhibit sit on the show floor for too long after dismantling could result in things going missing or getting damaged. Worse yet – if your freight is left for too long, it could be forced from the show organizer to their local warehouse, costing you additional material handling and other fees. Waiting until the last minute to schedule outbound shipping will also result in elevated costs that you’ll be unable to avoid. Book your exhibits return trip well in advance to have it crossed off of your list and taken care of, and it will be one last step you’ll have to worry about after or during your show.


#3 Buy the right type of crates for your exhibit.

Putting plenty of time, thought and money into your exhibit shouldn’t be followed by throwing it into a crate that leaves room for damage to occur. Investing in the right type of crate for your exhibit will be a time and money saver as you’ll be able to avoid damage and costly last-minute fixes. Skyline creates durable cases that are meant to keep your exhibit safe.

Purchasing crates that are properly constructed also allows for stacking them in a warehouse, decreasing your overall storage rates. Consider working with a trade show exhibit company that can find crates that best fit your needs and budget.


#4 Cut out paper materials.

Excess paper marketing materials not only take up space in your booth, they also increase your shipping costs from added weight. Let’s not forget that paying to print them is an additional expense on your list. Ditch the physical brochures and flyers and put the information you’re looking to convey onto monitors that you can use from show to show. You’ll have the option to change the information on them without having to print new materials for each show. You could also utilize software that would allow attendees to select which brochures they want emailed directly to them, ensuring they will have it in their inbox for future reference and that your brochure isn’t left in the garbage can in the show hall or in the attendee’s hotel room!


#5 Rent your trade show exhibit.

Knowing when it’s the right time for your business to rent or buy will save you money in the long run. If you attend many shows a year, renting the same booth over and over will likely cost you much more than buying. If you only attend a few shows a year, purchasing your booth may prove pricier than necessary. There are many different things to take into consideration before making this choice, from how many shows you exhibit at a year, to the details of your marketing plan. Click here to read about some of the questions you should be asking yourself before making a rental or purchase decision for your next exhibit.

#6 Know which services you can do without.

If your booth is smaller and simpler to set up, take the time to learn how to set it up on your own in cities that don’t have union rules and will allow you to do so. You’ll save money by avoiding having to pay an install and dismantle team. Ask your trade show service contact to walk you through setup and takedown, ensuring that you know what you’re doing so that nothing is broken or damaged in the process.


Pay attention to the many ways that you can save for your next trade show before it’s too late. Being conscious about saving ahead of time will help you avoid higher prices and unnecessary payments. Finding a reputable trade show company will help you avoid many of these additional costs. Contact Skyline Exhibits Chicago today if you are ready to save on your next trade show and potentially see a higher ROI!

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