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A Simple Solution to Stop Blending in With Your Booth Neighbors

May 15, 2019

Have you ever wandered the endless aisles of a trade show and thought about the few that stuck out in your mind later on? What made them unique? What were they doing that others failed to do? What was it that caught your attention and kept it?

Booth Design

Capturing the initial attention of someone at a trade show comes down to your booth design. It’s likely that the answer to these questions above stems from this memorable booth being a custom display. Working with a reputable trade show company will ensure that your display is balanced and portrays the message you are aiming for. From making shapes and surfaces flow with colors and graphics, to knowing what will make your booth stand out from the crowd, booth designers have the experience to create an effective combination of details.

How to attract with good design

Your booth has only a couple seconds to catch the attention of a trade show attendee. It will take bright, clear graphics and a speedy understanding of what your brand encompasses for them to decide if they want to spend time in your booth or keep walking.

Start off by making sure your font is easy to read. Popular and effective sans-serif fonts include Helvetica, Arial, and Futura. The streamlined appearance of these fonts makes them very legible and easy to decipher from a distance. Your experienced trade show team at Skyline can help you find the fonts that best resemble your company and will stand out on the show floor.

To be sure that you’re attracting the right traffic, use a brief and distinct 6-word or less statement so they know exactly what your business is and does. Visitors should be able to interpret your message within 3 seconds. This especially goes for smaller, less-known brands where your logo is likely not enough for attendees to know exactly what you do.

If this is the case, put more emphasis on your tagline than your logo, as it will be your tagline that tells an attendee if you have something they’re looking for.

How to ‘wow’ with good design

It takes a unique branding experience to push someone from an onlooker that blows right by your booth to becoming an intrigued prospect.

Creating a custom display that incorporates your own branded twist gives more than a cookie-cutter feel. It creates a sense of what your brand comprises and gives booth guests more of an experience just by stepping into your booth.  

How do you create this type of unique, eye-catching display? Adding dimension to your booth is a wow factor that will make attendees take a longer look. Creating a sleek design with curved angles and rounded corners will draw more eyes than a typical portable popup, taking the eyes off of your booth neighbors, and keeping them on you. Consider a Curved PictureScape® Exhibit System to compliment your brand. SkyFlyer™ hanging structures are also a great way to make your design stand out above the rest with added, interesting dimensions.

Be sure to limit your use of bright colors. The rule of thumb is to use no more than 3 colors in your booth. Using too many colors creates a busyness that may confuse customers from your main message.

If you do incorporate static image graphics, one or two images are enough. Think of your booth like a billboard where people only have a few seconds to look and be impacted in one glance, which won’t be possible if you have images scattered throughout your booth. Save the photo gallery for a catalog or display screens.

Contact us today to get started on your own unique custom display!

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