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Are You Using These 12 Interactive Methods to Increase Engagement Rates at Your Booth?

April 17, 2019

Gone are the days when your biggest trade show challenges were picking out your graphics and deciding what to include in your video loop. Welcome to an era that craves engagement. To be successful as a trade show exhibitor, you’ll need to provide your attendees with an actual experience. Here are 12 ways to keep up with the evolving world of trade shows and help make your next booth more interactive.


#1 Invest in a charging station

As booth visits for attendees increase, their phone batteries will be doing the opposite. And what’s better than finding a charging station to relieve your anxious uncertainty of whether your phone will make it to the end of the day? As visitors charge their phones at your booth, this is a great time to strike conversation. You’ll likely have their attention as they won’t be going anywhere for at least 10 minutes while their phone charges, and they’ll also appreciate that you helped solve their problem.


#2 Offer a special discount

Offering a discount at your booth creates an incentive and urgency for prospects to buy in the moment. They know that if they don’t act, they won’t get the opportunity again. This is a great way to give potential clients or customers a ‘fear of missing out’ on your deal. You can also make these discounts more engaging and fun by involving games or contests that allow people to win even greater discounts.


#3 Hydrate trade show guests

Trade shows get long, and everyone appreciates a cold bottle of water. Branded bottles are a great tactic for marketing, especially if you can make them reusable and attractive. Another tip – people are more trusting of those who offer them a warm drink. If your booth can implement a warm drink offering, people will be very enticed to step in and see what you’re all about.


#4 Host a photo booth

People love photos and they love capturing memories. Since photo booths aren’t as common these days, this could be an intriguing thing for guests to come by and want to take advantage of. This tactic also provides you the opportunity to add a branded backdrop. Consider sending the photos digitally, allowing you to gather contact information and gain the opportunity to continue building your relationship with booth guests and potential leads after the show.

#5 Use touchscreen kiosks

Provide plenty of content for people to navigate through on your kiosks. Give different options for attendees to engage with such as the opportunity to fill out a survey to be entered in a drawing, product catalogs, demonstration videos or games that provide education. This way your booth guests can control their experience and interact with the information they are most interested in.


#6 Integrate a contest

The big thing to remember when tying a contest into your booth is to make your prize worthwhile. One way to stay interactive is to incorporate the theme of your trade show into your prize so it resonates better with the people who are there. If you’re exhibiting at a cooking show, make your prize food-related, or if you’re exhibiting at a home and garden show, offer something like a free backyard makeover.  Another contest idea is a tweeting challenge with your hashtag, putting those who tweet into a drawing for a larger prize.


#7 Live stream

Live streaming is an increasingly popular approach for events. Sometimes, it’s just not possible for people to attend certain trade shows due to proximity, other obligations, etc. However, if you can still provide people with the opportunity to listen in on and view a presentation, you’re going above and beyond in their minds because you’ve taken the time to make your booth available to them. Another great thing about live streaming is that those who tune in will have to register for access to the feed, which will give you their information to follow up with them.


#8 Give demonstrations

Demonstrations explaining the benefits of your product are a great way for audiences to see your product in action, allowing them to see its value. A smart way to engage your crowd is by encouraging them to interact with your product as well. Create an incentive to keep your audience engaged at the beginning of your presentation by telling them that there will be something offered to everyone at the end like a discount, a free product sample, etc.


#9 Have plenty of samples

Businesses in the food industry have a one-up on other industries when it comes to samples because let’s be honest, who doesn’t flock to free food? Allowing guests to taste your product on the spot is a great way to win them and their taste buds over. People are often loyal to the brands they’ve grown to love but giving them a chance to try your product may convince them to begin buying your products instead!  

#10 Host a game

Giving guests a reason to let loose at a trade show and have some fun is a great approach. Having a game at your booth will get people excited when they see that others are enjoying themselves there. Integrate games like trivia, a prize wheel or a game console.


#11 Provide comfy seating

A place for trade show guests to rest their feet and relax in a comfy chair is a surefire way to get them into your booth. When they’re able to sit and relax, you’ll be able to use this time to speak to them about your company.

#12 Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality is innovative, entertaining and exciting. With VR, you can provide a unique experience that your booth guests will remember. It will also generate buzz throughout the trade show and attendees will be encouraged to come check out your booth when they hear about it.


There are plenty of ways to keep your booth engaging and interesting to guests. It just takes some planning! Reach out to Skyline Exhibits for more detailed ideas on how to make your booth be the talk of your next show. 


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