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Choosing the Right Booth Display for Your Trade Show Goals

May 08, 2019

There are many routes you can take when deciding on the elements, size, layouts and many other details that go into creating a trade show exhibit. You know you want to rock the show, but what exactly does that mean for your business? It’s all about knowing what display and layout will get you the results you’re aiming for. Here are some tips for what type of booth will best fit your trade show marketing objectives.


10x10 Booth Size

A 10x10 booth is the most common size available that you will see amongst trade show floors. This is a cost-friendly booth size but takes a little extra thought on how this space size can be maximized. With this slightly hugged environment, you have the opportunity to create an intimate brand experience for your booth guests. 10x10 booths can utilize an inline lightweight portable display or a modular inline display.

With these smaller display types, you’ll want a bold, statement-making design with your brand as the backdrop to the environment, leaving the rest of the space for small product displays, kiosks, and most importantly, engagement with booth visitors. Remember that in this small space, it’s important to minimize your product on the floor because this takes up space that could potentially be a standing area for prospects. If there is limited space to stand in your booth, you may miss out on an opportunity to educate people about your brand. Making personable connections will be a large benefit of a booth this size.

A smaller booth is a great starting point for those who are just getting their feet wet in the trade show world. It may be a great opportunity to find out what types of face-to-face marketing techniques best resonate with your target audience. Once you know what works best, you can then maximize those efforts with a bigger booth.


Modular Inline Display

Diving deeper into the ways a modular inline display can help you reach your marketing aspirations, keep in mind that this type of display typically takes up a 10’ x 10’ or 10’ x 20’ space, but can often span even longer than 20 feet. These linear booths can make a great impact with high-quality design and structure to show off your company’s image and products.

This type of booth gives you a custom look and delivers a cost-effective option. Modular pieces are designed to be lightweight and compactable. What this means for you is that transportation, drayage, and storage costs are much lower than traditional custom systems. While these structures are lightweight, they still provide the structural support that is necessary to include product shelving, TVs and computers.

There are many systems available for creating a modular inline display. One system we recommend with endless design possibilities to align with your brand is PictureScape® - a reconfigurable fabric framing system with nearly any curved or angled shape available. This system creates unique designs that stand out and are highly visible. Another option that gives you a bright, memorable booth is the Skyline PictureGlow™ Display System. This system is easy to install and has the option to include shelves and a monitor mount to save room on the floor – allowing more prospects to enter your booth and experience your brand.

If you’re looking to stay small, but still incorporate big graphics and messaging, a modular inline display may be what you’re looking for.


Portable Display

Portable displays are another cost-effective option for the first-time exhibitor. Portable displays are designed for impact, quality, and ease. The Portable Windscape® Display System is an air-powered system that easily inflates in minutes. This do-it-yourself system will save you money in shipping, drayage, and labor since it’s so compact and easy to set up. There are many portable display systems that can help you meet your trade show goals, from tabletop displays that are built to last, to banner stands that are versatile for any event.


Custom Island Exhibits

If you’ve been exhibiting for some time now and feel like you’re ready to bring your booth to the next level, a custom island exhibit will help you meet your new and amplified goals. This type of exhibit will give you the structure and graphic visibility to help your brand stand out on the show floor. With a larger space to accommodate more visitors, this increased exposure will result in more leads gained and more overall brand awareness.

Island booths are typically 20’ x 20’ or larger. Having ample space allows you to integrate technology to make your booth more engaging. Check out these 12 valuable methods we recommend considering to increase interaction at your booth. This larger booth size also gives you the space to include meeting rooms, demonstration areas, and merchandise counters. These things are difficult to incorporate in smaller booths, which will definitely set you apart from the competition when you decide to go with a more prominent booth.  

To keep shipping and storage costs down, lightweight systems are always an option that helps create a large presence on the show floor. Another option that provides your booth with a big look is a Skyline SkyFlyer™  Hanging Structure. This system stands out above a sea of booths, helping your brand stand out from your competitors.  

If you’re in need of more leads than you’ve been getting at previous shows, consider stepping up your game and your presence by going with a custom island exhibit at your next show. Contact us today to get started! 

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