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Four Tips On How To Become A ‘Must-See’ Exhibit On Your Trade Show Attendees’ List

April 03, 2019

Attracting attendees is one common obstacle that many exhibitors face. Once a plan is set on how your exhibit will capture attention, the next goal is to figure out how you will KEEP that attention. The effect that our current digitalized lifestyle is having on the brain is resulting in an average attention span of 8 seconds. Being mindful of this just emphasizes the importance of attracting attendees to your booth with a surefire plan that will ensure your booth does what it intends to do – form relationships, gain leads and promote your brand.

Here are four ways to make certain that your next trade show exhibit is at the top of everyone’s list for your next show: 

#1 In a sea of endless booths, attendees may not even see your booth or know it’s there. One way to tackle this obstacle is by promoting your booth on social media, endorsing the trade show on your website’s homepage, and sending invitations to current customers or potential buyers. This way, people will have your name in their minds, and they will be looking for your exhibit if you’ve promoted it in an attractive way. Just keep in mind that if no one knows you are at the trade show, no one will be actively searching for you, leaving it up to attendees to stumble upon your booth, and you having to gain their attention from that point of contact.

#2 Knowing that there will be many other booths for attendees to weed through, it’s extremely important that your booth is eye-catching. When people see it from a distance, the goal is to make them feel inclined to get a closer look and persuaded to step inside for more information. Implement backlighting to make your graphics shine, helping you better stand out and reach your audience. Hanging structures will give your booth a big, eye-catching look while keeping costs down. Or, go big and create a large structural presence with Skyline Custom Modular Exhibits. Whatever type of booth you choose, make sure that it resonates with your brand and pushes you toward meeting your trade show goals.

#3 A commonality among trade shows is freebies. We all know that attendees love a good freebie. But don’t make the same mistake other companies are making; ensure that your giveaway is something people really want, make it unique and tie it to your promotional message. Three very important things to include on your giveaway item are your logo, phone number, and website. But, don’t stick with the typical branded pen. It’s best to opt for something that others at the show will see and be asking, “Where did you get that?” A great example of this is from the Skyline Exhibits booth at Exhibitor Live. The booth staff handed out bright orange trade show survival kits that attendees were clipping to their backpacks, raising questions on where others could find one, making the booth a huge success. An additional crowd favorite option is creating a memory with a photo booth or a contest.


#4 The last thing that many exhibitors, unfortunately, skip out on is creating an experience in and around their booth. People don’t just want to be given information, they want to be involved and have a memorable experience where they can immerse themselves in your product or service. There are plenty of ways to generate involvement for attendees, a couple being in-booth demonstrations, contests with rewards, games and interactive learning activities. These experiences are also great to mention when promoting your booth online to get people excited. Creating an experience with your exhibit is an effective way to resonate with your target audience, keep people in your booth and create curiosity for onlooking attendees which drives even more people in.


If you’re ready to do more than just show up and hope for the best at your next trade show, reach out today for more specific ideas on how Skyline Exhibits Chicago can help get your audience excited about your upcoming exhibit.

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