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Has Your Company ‘Bean’ To These Chicago Trade Shows?

February 27, 2020

If your company hasn’t exhibited at any of these trade shows, take some time to see which quarter three shows are right around the corner and could help you grow your business! 

IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo | July 12-15 | Chicago, Illinois 

This year's event, IFT20 is based around food science and technology and the way that consumer preferences are changing. With tastes changing, it’s important for those in the food industry to adapt. Come to this event to share your innovation in food safety and quality, equipment, processing, packaging, and technology to show attendees that you hear their needs and are adapting to them. 


ASI Show | July 22-23 | Chicago, Illinois

Buyers coming to the ASI Show are seeking vendors with new products and quick turnaround times. Product sourcing businesses at ASI Shows are unique because research shows that around 95% of attendees at each of their events only attend that one show each year. This means that if you’re missing these shows, you’re missing a large chunk of qualified buyers and potential leads! At ASI Show Chicago, you’ll have the opportunity to share your products with over 500 suppliers. Reach out to Skyline Exhibits Chicago if you’re in need of an exhibit that’s prepared to represent your business well. 

Clinical Lab Expo - AACC | July 26-30 | Chicago, Illinois 

The Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo gives your business the opportunity to share cutting edge technology and vital research. If you want to be a global leader in laboratory medicine, you’ll need to come prepared to stand with the best of them! You’ll be up against 800 other exhibiting companies, so your exhibit must be able to capture attention and hold engagement to gain leads and make your exhibiting efforts successful. 


Exchange 2020 | August 2-5 | Chicago, Illinois

The Association for the HealthCare Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association is seeking exhibitors who are able to make connections with health care service professionals. If your company is prepared to share new solutions to everyday problems faced in the healthcare environment, this is a great show for you and your company! You’ll have the opportunity to promote your products and services to those who are seeking your innovative solutions. 


Independent Garden Center Show | August 11-13 | Chicago, Illinois

If independent garden centers are a large part of your target market, the IGC Show is the largest trade show and conference held exclusively for these businesses! Buyers will expect to see what makes your products special and something that their customers will love. Invest in a standout booth to show them what sets your business and products apart. With owners and managers being the largest sector of attendees, you’ll be able to make sales right on the trade show floor and find new clients all in one great event! 


Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development | September 13-16 | Chicago, Illinois

SHSMD2020 is where many come together to converge new ideas in healthcare strategy. If you are aiming to target healthcare strategists in marketing and digital engagement, communication and public relations, strategic planning and business development, physician relations, and more, then this is your event. Be sure to strengthen your brand and generate new leads with a branded booth that speaks to your company’s qualifications. If it’s your priority to shape the future of healthcare, consider attending this event with over 100 exhibitors that are vying for the attention of your audience. 

International Manufacturing Technology Show | September 14-19 | Chicago, Illinois

This is a show with highly qualified buyers that you don’t want to miss if you are in the manufacturing technology industry. At previous shows, 73 percent of attendees purchased or planned to purchase. These industry professionals are seeking new machine tools, controls, computers, software, components, systems and processes in hopes of solving their manufacturing challenges. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help these attendees improve their efficiency with your innovative technology! Skyline Exhibits Chicago can walk you through the process of implementing a successful trade show marketing plan. 


LEND360 | September 21-23 | Chicago, Illinois 

At LEND360, businesses are seeking solutions to help them lend smarter, faster and more efficiently. Expand your online lending offerings to business leaders in the industry. Help them learn the trends, opportunities, and information needed to move their business forward. This is a great opportunity to connect with others in the industry and gain exposure to over 850 attendees all at one event. 


HIDA Streamlining Healthcare Conference | September 22-24 | Chicago, Illinois 

For health industry manufacturers, this is the perfect event to get your brand in the eyes of distributors. It’s also a great place to meet with current partners. Showcase your offerings and reinforce name recognition with a standout booth that speaks volumes. 


Coil Winding, Insulation, and Electrical Manufacturing | September 29-30 | Chicago, Illinois 

CWIEME Americas is the only event in North America that’s dedicated to the supply chain of coil winding, electric motors, transformers and generators. So, if this is your industry and you’re looking to grow, you’ve found the perfect event! This event hosts over 1,200 attendees for the opportunity to find new suppliers and technology. Come share your products with the key buyers and senior engineers in the market with an exhibit design that is relevant and portrays your brand well. Reach out to Skyline Exhibits Chicago to get started! 


Hopefully one of these trade shows is the perfect fit for your business if you happen to be in one of the industries mentioned. If you’re ready to grow your business, now is the perfect time to get going on your trade show exhibit and marketing plan for quarter three. Let’s see what we can do to help you find success exhibiting in Chicago! 

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