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How to Find Booth Staffers That Help You Meet Your Trade Show Goals

June 18, 2019

Are you outgoing, always on time, knowledgeable of your business and willing to please? If so, you may have what it takes to bring ample success to your business through staffing your trade show booth. If you don’t have these qualities, or if you need more bandwidth beyond yourself, it’s important to find a team that does have these qualities and more. Whether it’s salespeople, managers, or staff you hire through an agency, you’ll want a booth staff with a combination of traits needed to be a success in a trade show-specific environment.


Ensure your team knows what’s expected of them.

By assigning roles and responsibilities to each team member, everyone will be on the same page. Matching each persons’ skillset AND their personality to their role will help your team and business excel even more. Not every person in your booth staff should be your typical salesperson as you should have a well-rounded and knowledgeable staff in many different areas of your business. 

Matching a person to a task just because of their position title and knowledge may be a mistake if you don’t look at them as a person and evaluate their personality and attitude as well. If you don’t, you run the risk of holding someone back from their potential, or you may put someone in a role that they aren’t equipped for. Also, ask yourself if the person you’re considering for your trade show team is able to keep high energy throughout the day. Trade shows consist of long days of being on your feet. You’ll need someone who’s able to stay positive and keep that upbeat, energetic attitude from the first minute they step on the floor to the very last. 

Once you’ve determined different roles, be sure to give clear expectations and responsibilities to each team member so they can prepare and come ready to knock it out of the park.


Train your staff for success. 

Your booth staff is just as important as your exhibit design, layout and engagement incentives in your booth. They’re what keeps things moving smoothly in your booth, and they’re the ones who are going to get you your leads. Regardless of how fantastic your booth is, you’re going to need a great booth staff to help you reach your goals.

Not only should your staff be told what’s expected of them, they should receive some sort of training to make sure their knowledge is up to date, and so they can see what the best process is as a trade show staffer. Being trained on the products and services that you’re marketing at your event will ensure that your booth staff is able to communicate clearly about them. Take the time to go through your sales pitch with your team, have them rehearse with each other and perfect their approach.

Having sufficient knowledge will allow them to speak persuasively and enthusiastically. Prospects will be more likely to trust someone who appears to know exactly what they’re talking about, especially when they can answer their questions right on the spot.

When your staff knows what your company is looking to achieve by attending a trade show, they’ll be far more likely to succeed and meet those expectations rather than flying in the dark.


Approachability and friendliness give the best first impression.

Face-to-face marketing means that those who are staffing your booth are the face of your organization for the time being, and unfortunately, it only takes one bad experience for someone’s perspective to change about you. When someone approaches your booth, a warm first impression is key to a prospect even considering learning more about your company.

It doesn’t take much for an interaction to go south if you have the wrong type of staff in your booth. A pushy, rude, aggressive staffer just won’t cut it for you and your exhibiting goals. This is why it’s important to put a good amount of thought into your staff. Also, be sure not to make assumptions about a person. Just because they are easygoing and friendly with you, doesn’t mean that’s how they may act in pressure situations. Putting a potential trade show booth staffer to the test in a high-pressure situation before sticking them on a show floor may open your eyes to how they stand under pressure.

Someone who’s able to keep a smile on their face, remain confident and show their professionalism through any circumstance will prove to be a great trade show team member.


People skills are a must for reading prospects and having the best outcomes with them.

A staff who is able to understand others, relate to them and interact with many different types of people will help take your business much further. Being able to read an attendee who is very interested, on the fence, or just simply never going to be on board with you will be a key to knowing how much time to spend with them.

Wasted time on an attendee who is clearly not interested is wasted money on your end. Being able to read those who are very interested can give your staff the insight on what their next steps in conversation should be.

Knowing that someone is very interested could be the difference between a staff member inviting them to a private meeting room and talking business and them asking for a business card and sending them on their way. Lost opportunities are something you always want to avoid, especially if someone is very interested in your company.

If someone is on the fence and your staffer can tell they’re interested but not yet completely sold, then this is also important to perceive and be able to have the right things to say in this instance that can help seal the deal.

Some attendees may have no intention of doing business with you, and in this case, it’s important that your team is able to read this type of situation and be polite, but not waste too much time on a person who is never going to budge. Rather, they should be spending this time on prospects with potential.


Finding a booth staff that is well-rounded and has what it takes to generate the success you’re aiming for at each trade show takes thought. It isn’t as simple as throwing a team on the floor and expecting to see results. It takes time to build and craft your booth staff. Using these tips mentioned above should be a great outline to stick to when shaping a trade show team that stands out in a good way. Reach out to Skyline Exhibits Chicago today for more guidance, and to begin crafting a booth that compliments your brand.  

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