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How to Seamlessly Store Items in Your Trade Show Booth

May 24, 2019

Overlooking storage as a feature of a trade show display is common. If you’ve been to a trade show and noticed people’s purses strung about, laptops in corners and jackets hung over chairs, you’ve probably thought that this puts a slight damper on the overall look of a booth. It may be a great looking exhibit with beautiful graphics and great calls for interaction but lacks professionalism when you see part of it being used as a coat rack. If you haven’t noticed this type of thing at a trade show and are now wondering where exhibitors are storing all of their extra items, then they’re doing something right!

Exhibitors need to plan ahead when they are designing their booth. It’s important to think of everything, even storage. Obviously, no one wants their storage to take up much space since floor space is expensive and exhibitors want to make the most out of it. No one wants storage to distract from their booth’s aesthetic appeal either. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up either of these things.

Implementing a table system in your booth gives you a functional workspace and easily-accessed storage areas. Not only is the storage helpful for keeping things out of sight, it can also be secure, ensuring that your new coat in the back corner doesn’t end up on someone else and your cardboard boxes of extra giveaway items won’t be taken.

These storage spaces act as tables, counters, workspaces, etc. that flow with your booth space. This added work surface can provide more room for products, iPads for lead generation and for making promotional items accessible. They are customizable with the opportunity to add your graphics and even interchange them show to show. There’s even a modular design option for versatility.

Adding this practical addition to your booth helps staffers better engage and interact with booth guests. Built-in seating and counters are a good place for conversation and keep guests feeling comfortable. The Envoy® Exhibit System is a great option if you’re also hoping not to build a barrier between your booth staff and guests because they are designed to fit seamlessly against back walls.

Greeting attendees at the front of your booth with your shiny logo in clear sight creates a great opportunity to engage and secure leads. The Stratus Table and Workstation® is a lightweight, multifunctional option that would meet the needs of a standalone receptionist desk or even product displays.

The great thing about working with Skyline Exhibits is that you don’t have to settle for an ordinary table stand that gets overlooked. Skyline has in-house wood and metal shop capabilities to create unique table displays. You can rent or buy any counter design imaginable that compliments your brand and helps you reach your trade show marketing goals. 

Planning out a design for a trade show display requires considering how much ‘stuff’ you’ll have to store – from jackets to briefcases to additional product samples to extra giveaway items. Don’t invest in a beautiful booth only to have an awkward feel with random personal items sitting out in plain sight. If you think effective storage space would be a great addition to your next exhibit, reach out to us today for a quote!

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