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International Exhibitors Coming to Chicago Tradeshows

January 28, 2016

The city of Chicago is known for its world-class tradeshows with spectacular exhibits.  One of the best things about being in The Windy City is that it is a hub for trade shows featuring international showcases.  Being able to have exhibits and products from all over the world in one trade show is a strategic way to stay informed of the particular industry that you’re in. 
A few of the top international shows that will be hosted in Chicago this year are:

  • The International Home + Housewares Show 2016: March 5-8
  • Coverings 2016: April 18-21
  • NRA Show 2016 – National Restaurant Association’s International Foodservice Marketplace: May 21-24
  • IMTS 2016 – International Manufacturing Technology Show: September 12-17
  • PACK Expo International 2016 – November 6-9  
Rent Locally, Don’t Ship
Skyline has strategically placed 100 dealers in 30 countries around the world, to always be there to help with trade show exhibit needs no matter where you find yourself on the planet. 
Here are some quick reasons why, as an international trade show exhibitor, you may want to rent your exhibit locally.
Reason 1: No Shipping Cost
Large displays are especially heavy and difficult to be transporting all over the globe.  When shipping equipment as important and an exhibit, you can’t have any delays.  The worry about the condition of the pieces upon arrival will also play a factor in the stress level you feel going into the show.  The logistics alone make shipping a trade show exhibit a huge hassle with many variables.
When you rent from a local dealer for example, Skyline Chicago, you have the peace of mind that your display will be at your trade show site on time and all set up for you.  Skyline Chicago is just 15 minutes away from the major Chicago trade show locations. You don’t have to deal with the expensive shipping costs and the stress of transit issues. 
Reason 2: Local Expertise
Skyline features a team of experienced trade show professionals with expertise from design, graphics, set-up and all other components that make up a great exhibit.  Being able to create a display from scratch that represents your company and product well is what we strive to do. Offering a large assortment of show services, we are confident that we can make a trade show exhibit to impress.
If you are looking to come and participate in one of Chicago’s international trade shows this year, consider renting your entire exhibit.  It saves on shipping costs as well as the headaches that come with long-distance logistics.

Contact: Skyline Exhibits Chicago for all your trade exhibit needs   312-300-4700 info@skylinechicago.com

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