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Is Your Booth Presentation Connecting You with Prospects or Just Sharing Dead-End Information?

July 15, 2019

Your booth design came together beautifully and you’re finally all set up at the trade show. An amazing booth design is a great tactic to help event attendees really see you on the show floor. However, many companies are too focused on being seen and throwing great amounts of money into getting to the show, only to see poor results. Why? Because they don’t fully think through how they’re going to connect with prospects.

A booth presentation is very much about ‘exhibiting;’ showing off your innovation as a company, displaying how you’ve gone above and beyond others in your industry and sharing what makes you different, all because it’s important to get your name in front of people and gain positive exposure. But, simply gaining exposure will not get you the greatest ROI.

To make your trade show worth all of your effort and money, you must effectively persuade your potential buyers that you’re worth their investment. Here are a couple of tips on how you can utilize rhetoric at your next trade show, giving you the tools to maximize your trade show ROI.


Establish a shared identity with your audience.

Many exhibitors work to establish credibility (ethos) by sharing accomplishments through testimonials and case studies. This is definitely not wrong to do! People love seeing that a product or service worked well for someone else first, making them feel more comfortable about spending their money on it as well. To dive even deeper in your efforts of establishing credibility, consider putting in an effort to identify with your booth guests.

When presenting a product, avoid sharing highly technical statistics and make it more relatable. A well-known way of doing this is by mentioning a common obstacle that many have faced. Once you’ve established common ground with your prospects, share with them how you have the solution to their problem. This can be very effective when doing a product demonstration as people will not only see your product working, but they can then picture how it can also work for them. 

Keep your foot on the gas.

If you’ve carefully crafted your booth presentation to do its job of allowing your booth guests to identify with you and your solution to their problem, don’t stop there! Establishing common ground is a great start, but it won’t do the job all on its own. You must create an urgency for people to buy, or at the very least, get their contact information so that you can convince them in the future. By connecting what you’re selling to the buyers' benefit, you’ll be making it hard for them to say no. Upon completion of your demonstration, share a special offer, get their information to send them a promo code or coupon, and continue to keep the conversation going. Don’t let guests slip through your fingers once you’ve finished showing off what you can do for them. Answer questions, ask questions, create deeper relationships and be sure that when you get these leads that you follow up with them!

If you stick to these tips, you’ll be on track to not only generating positive exposure at your trade shows, you’ll be taking it to the next step of increasing your sales and growing your business.

Don’t let your booth presentation lead to a dead-end where prospects see what you want them to see and then head on their way to the next booth. Keep your brand in their mind and keep them in yours after the show by following up with them! Be prepared to establish common ground and make connections through your presentation. When it’s all over, they’ll want more information and you’ll be swimming with great leads. Reach out to us today to find a booth that fits your needs for a great product demonstration area and a layout that compliments your brand well.

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